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    You Can Now Own A Haunted Scottish Castle For Just $300,000

    How would you like to be the owner of a beautiful haunted Scottish castle? This is actually something possible right now. The average US home has a market listing price of around $250,000. The Glaswegian castle you can see here is around $292,000 so it is acceptable for more people than many imagine. We are talking about a one bath, ...
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    BIG Lego House Drone Footage Released

    The Billund, Denmark, soon to be opened LEGO visitor center by BIG will surely be a really interesting structure that should be seen by architecture enthusiasts because of the quite unique LEGO theme chosen. With the official opening date coming in September, LEGO released drone footage over it in order to show the LEGO-style prick that covers it and the ...
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    Harry Potter Shop Opening In Diagon Alley, Edinburgh

    Potterheads will be extremely happy when going to Edinburgh, Scotland as a Harry Potter theme shop recently opened, all filled with a lot of merchandise that is inspired by the adventures of the young wizards. The name of the shop is Diagon House and is presented as “purveyors of all things Potter”. What is interesting is that it is located ...
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    South Korea’s Colorful Blocks

    South Korea’s real estate is dominated by homogeneity and so many areas simply do not stand out as the apartment blocks are almost the same. UN Studio is going to make the first step towards changing that through new skyscrapers located in Daegu that are becoming colorful. Digitally generated patterns were created as the architects used this technology to paint ...
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    Impressive Wong Dai Sin Temple by Shim-Sutcliffe Architects

    If you ever go to Markham, ON, Canada, you absolutely need to check out the Wong Dai Sin Temple there when interested in architecture since Shim-Sutcliffe Architects did manage to come up with something special, a modern sacred space hosing a Taoist community that is dynamic and committed to Tai Chi. Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism wanted a special ...
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