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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prefab Homes

    Prefabricated homes seem to be getting more popular by every single month that passes. This happens as people start to look for affordable, smaller scale housing. Prefab homes fit the bill. Some time ago, most people saw prefab homes as really hard to sell and low-quality, but this did change. In part, this is due to the fact that manufacturers ...
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    Grammarly’s Ukraine Headquarters By Balbek Bureau

    Grammarly, the digital writing assistant that is currently used by millions, is a truly global company that has offices in San Francisco, Kyiv and New York. The firm does always operate, using a lot of technology and employing more people than what many think. This allowed them to hire Balbek Bureau for the creation of a 1750 square meters office ...
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    6 Minimalist Interior Design Tips You Have To Know

    Minimalism is often simply summarized as “less is more”, a statement that does have quite a strong meaning. Interior designers try to reduce space essentials and mess in order to foster simplification. Mental clutter is removed with a focus on essential items that are considered as being needed. Minimalist interior design seems to be quite limiting when you do not ...
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    Bunker Restaurant, Thailand by Lump

    If you walk by 118/2 Soi Suksa (Sathorn 12), Bangkok, Thailand, nobody will blame you if you miss the Bunker Restaurant since it was designed in a really interesting way, with a focus on truly fitting in. This true hidden gem for foodies and architecture lovers was handled by Lump, with lead architect Kevin Lim. The challenge was to create ...
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    Museg – The Speaker That Allows You To Design The Perfect Surround Sound

    Museg is a very interesting and great-looking speaker by designer Jake Naish. It has the shape of a guitar pick, which is enough for many music enthusiasts. However, what makes it special is not its minimalistic and attractive design. The special part is the triangular form, which is so different than the circular, cylindrical or squarish options we are all ...
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