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    Heather Gauthier’s Art Through Wildlife And Beauty

    Heather Gauthier is a true artist that has always been creating things. Her childhood was marked by home-schooling in Texas, only to then move to South Africa when married. Gauthier talked about this and said: There wasn’t much to do or see in Lubbock, the flattest, ugliest, cowiest town in West Texas. It meant my inner life was a lot ...
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    The First Stadium Build Exclusively For Esports Built In China

    There are countless stadiums out there that are built for various sports and now it is time for esports to join the discussion. In December the very first esports purpose-built arena opened, all after construction took just 8 months. Building something in China sure seems to be a lot faster than the rest of the world. The stadium we talk ...
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    Is Your Home Smart Enough?

    Technology has entered every part of our regular lives, whether we realize it or not. The smartphone in your pocket, the oven you use to heat your dinner and the smart TV you stream Netflix on, they are all inseparable parts of you and your family’s daily life. However, technology may have more to offer to your home than you ...
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    How To Clean Your Paintbrush

    Cleaning your paintbrush is not at all difficult but most people have no idea how to do this. Various painting projects end up with homeowners throwing away the brushes. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not really know how to clean their paintbrushes. Although a paintbrush is not that expensive, it would be a shame to ...
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    Lakeside Cottage Modern Addition – Anik Peloquin Architecte

    The name of this architectural project, an addition to an older lakeside cottage, is The Sisters. It is basically a double home, a lakeside house, the Big Sister, and the addition. Anik Peloquin Architecte is responsible for The Sisters. The original cottage has been used for a long time as a hunting lodge. After it was purchased, it became a ...
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