• Rose garden Boutique Hotel

    The Rose Garden Boutique Hotel by JSPA Design

    The Rose Garden Boutique Hotel is located in Daixi and was the work of JSPA Design. Covering 700 square meters, in the past the site was formed through a gentle slope that was located at the bottom of a hill covered with beautiful tea fields, all surrounded by stunning bamboo forests. The hotel aimed to create a rose plantation that ...
  • Barnhouse V

    Barnhouse V by Wenink Holtkamp Architecten

    The inspiration for Barnhouse V by Wenink Holtkamp Architecten revolved around rural analysis for the site where it was built. We are looking at a 160 square meter property with a building plot located 30 meters from the main road. We are thus looking at a house that is in the backside part of the site. This is surrounded by ...
  • MIST Sofa

    MIST – The Modular Sofa Inspired By Water Particles

    Oyster created MIST for Bizzarto. MIST is a beautiful modular sofa system that was inspired by water particles as they exist in the air. The goal was to bring a slice of nature and comfort to daily life. We are looking at an interesting asymmetrical design that is made out of rounded shapes. They resemble the moss that covers minerals ...
  • succulent plants

    Plants You Rarely Have To Water

    Let’s be real. Most homeowners do not have time to water their plants. Modern living is much busier than in the past so the best solution is almost always to get rid of the plants. Fortunately, there is an alternative. You can always choose a plant that does not require much watering. There are countless plants that you only need ...
  • Co-Connect House

    Co-Connect House by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates

    In urban housing complexes you are not allowed to choose your neighbors. The Co-Connect House by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates tries to offer connection and an appropriate distance between property residents. This includes temporary tenants and long-term owners. Covering 219 square meters, every unit is made out of interlinked boxy rooms. Units are being strung together in line with a ...
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