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    Minut Promises A Full Home Security System Without Cameras

    Minut, a Swedish company, created a really interesting smart home security system that is meant to be used by those that do not want to have security cameras. The system relies on an alarm that monitors humidity, temperature, noise and movement. Minut’s desire was to create a good security system without having to use WiFi cameras installed. This idea came ...
  • Doug Aitken Mirrored Mirage House

    The Mirrored Mirage House by Doug Aitken Installed In The Swiss Alps

    Doug Aitken, American artist, installed his mirrored mirage house in Gstaad, Switzerland, creating an incredibly picturesque setting that is simply beautiful. The Mirage structure has this name as it is completely clad in mirrors. It thus reflects the landscape and simply disappears into it. The current plan is to leave the structure in the Swiss Alps for a period of ...
  • Rolo

    Rolo – A Unique Floor Lamp With Flexible Petals

    Imagine having a lamp that gives you access to both soft and direct light. This is exactly what you get in Rolo, a floor lamp created by Smallgran. We instantly loved the design of this lamp. It can create soft and direct light at the same time due to the presence of flexible “petals”. These petals can separately be modified. ...
  • pool supplies you need

    Pool Supplies You Need

    Pool owners quickly realize the there is so much more to this than just having fun with friends and family. Pool supplies are mandatory, just like proper maintenance. You need to properly take care of a pool to have the paradise you want. Practicing really good pool maintenance is practically impossible when you lack the proper tools. You should focus ...
  • Tonal home gym

    Tonal – The World’s Most Intelligent Fitness System For Your Home

    Weightlifting equipment found in most gyms is mechanical, bulky and quite ugly. It simply does not fit in most modern homes. Tonal is different. It is small and incredibly-compact. Although it does have a base price of $2,995 and you would need to pay more over time due to monthly subscription for workout content, it is something that fits in ...
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