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    Home Upgrades People Overlook But You Should Not

    Nowadays, there are countless home upgrades that you can take into account. Most will focus on the luxury additions like a whirlpool or similar, but some that are really beneficial are highly overlooked. This is what we want to focus on. Below you can find some home upgrades that are not at all difficult to add and that can only ...
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    Top 3 Architectural Wonders Of New York City

    When it comes to architecture, New York City instantly stands out as a hub for some of the most renowned and historic architectural firms in the entire world. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice the fact that the entire city is filled with architectural masterpieces. Let’s not waste much time and just dive right into ...
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    House On An Island by Atelier Oslo

    When it comes to doing work on small houses, especially in remote areas, Atelier Oslo is definitely an expert architecture firm. This “House On An Island” project proves it. Built in 2018 and having an area of just 70 square meters, the house is placed on a site filled with curved and smooth rocks, on a Norway south coast island. ...
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    How To Stay Organized As You Build Your Home

    When you build a home, there is so much paper that you have to deal with. Sometimes plans are written on napkins. In other cases you draft them on a computer. You take pictures from magazines and save pictures from the internet. You can so easily end up simply buried in documentation. After, as it is time to find the ...
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    The House Of Sweeping Shadows by Abin Design Studio

    This extension in Mithapukur More, India by Abin Chaudhuri and Samya Ghatak from Abin Design Studio is something you surely want to see. The project was completed last year and was practically a design intervention on an existing property. Owners wanted to retain the structure and just modify the design, make it look better, but the extension was definitely something ...
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