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    Panasonic Deodorizing Clothes Hanger With Nano Particles

    It seems that the future is much closer than what we expected. When technology centric companies enter the furniture industry we are bound to see something special and nano particles are definitely something special. The new Panasonic Clothes Hanger is created with one purpose in mind: replacing your washing machine. The Deodorizing Hanger includes proprietary technology that will deodorize clothes ...
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    Fresh Villa In Messenia, Greece by MGXM Architects

    This Messenia villa is perfectly situated close to the scenic Messinian Gulf, being a building made out of 2 volumes linked with a patio. The patio can be used as an outdoor living area and this is just one of the really interesting things that you will surely appreciate thanks to the work of architects Christina Malama and Mario Gonzalez ...
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    Is Bleach Safe? Things You Did Not Know About Kitchen Bleach Cleaning

    Everyone knows that bleach can be used to clean various parts of the kitchen but did you know that it can also be pretty dangerous? Bleach does kill germs and makes things whiter but you should seriously be aware of the following before you clean your kitchen. Bleach Will Not Mix The internet is filled with recipes that tell you ...
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    Cozy Modern Apartment In Rome

    When it comes to Rome, you can definitely expect to see some wonderful apartments and interior design that is simply stellar. This is exactly the case thanks to the work done by Quincoces Drago & Partners, a local architecture and design firm. This apartment stands in an old building, right in the middle of the city. The designers basically combined ...
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    Le Corbusier LC4 Leather Chaise

    We stumbled upon the Le Corbusier LC4 Leather Chaise On Living Room Warehouse by chance. We were quite interested in learning more. It is definitely not a Natuzzi Re-Vive but it is something that a lot of people would love to have at home, to relax, read a book or even watch TV. It works perfectly with various modern designs ...
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