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    General Ideas for Perfect Overall Interior Design

    If you are planning on redecorating your house this year, we have one word to mention and which you must keep in mind: modern! It is time to give up on old stuff and follow the modern trends that make up all those great-looking homes we see in magazines. If you are ready to start a complete decoration process, you ...
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    Luxury Fitness Equipment By PENT

    Most fitness equipment looks dull and will not be added to any modern room design. PENT wants to change this through its bespoke fitness furniture line. It is tailored for people that love fitness and interior design, with every single item offered looking stunning. PENT offers some fitness furniture lines that use upscale materials and really elegant lines. Furniture is ...
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    Top 3 Most Expensive Chairs in The World

    These are the most expensive chairs in the world, those that only the rich and powerful can afford. Even they may have some problems in this case. How much would you pay for a chair? Most of us would only go as high as around $2,000. In order to put your hands on the top 3 most expensive chairs in ...
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    A Simple Yet Lovely Sustainable House In Argentina

    This simple but beautiful Escobar, Argentina, is made out of 7 rectangular boxes. BAM! Architecture rotated some of them to 90 degrees in order to offer more light and extend views. The only problem with this home is the name, CG342 House. Besides that, we are faced with a pretty interesting home that is built right within a gated golf ...
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    Lovely Sicily Island Cave House

    This is definitely an interesting project. one that was the responsibility of Studio Agnello & Associati. We are talking about a lovely cave house in Sicily Island, a private residence that you will most likely love to live in. What is very interesting is that the architects managed to create something that was truly skillful. Integrating this living space into ...
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