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    Modern Paris Skyscrapers Few People Know

    Did You Know There Are Skyscrapers In Paris? Paris is known as The City Of Lights. It is renowned for numerous tourist destinations and stunning landmarks. Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower. However, few people know that there are skyscrapers that are simply stunning really close to the popular attractions. Right now, there are 17 stunning examples of architecture on Ile-de-France, ...
  • Winter Lawn Care

    Winter Lawn Care Tips

    Do You Know How To Take Care Of Your Lawn During Winter? Lawn grass usually becomes dormant during the winter. In some areas, the cool-season ryegrass is overseeded into the turf to maintain a green lawn. In others, it is really cold and the lawn cannot grow, which is why people wait for spring. No matter the location, what needs ...
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    Miner Road House by Faulkner Architects

    Miner Road House is a project by Faulkner Architects that was done for environmental scientists in 2017, in an area that covers 3724 square feet in Orinda, US. The reason why the project is really interesting is that it was done for people that are committed to sustainability. This is why the house actually has net-zero energy performance every single ...
  • home renovation mistakes

    Really Common Renovating Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

    Do You Make Any Of These Very Common Renovating Mistakes? Renovating is not easy and countless mistakes can be made. It is just so simple to fall into really costly and tricky mistakes. However, most of them can be easily avoidable, if you are aware of them. In order to help you make the most out of your budget and ...
  • lighting tips for dark interiors

    Lighting Tips For Dark Interiors

    Did you know that lighting can make dark interiors really warm? There are countless homeowners that only have light-colored walls because they worry about the fact that a dark wall will make the entire space feel like a cave. This is so much more common than what you might initially think. Steering away from the dark-colored interior is quite common ...
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