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    How To Properly Hang Art In Your Home

    The way in which you will hang art in your home is going to set the tone of much of the design. Unfortunately, most people and even designers make huge mistakes as they hang art in a home. It is quite common to walk into perfect rooms and then simply be turned off because of pieces that are put way ...
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    The Void Rug Creates An Optical Illusion Hole In Your Floor

    Void Rug is a really interesting project by Scott Jarvie, Scottish designer, which makes it seem as if there is a huge black hole in your room’s floor. It is made out of 100% merino wool. After you place it and you look from a different angle, you gain depth illusion. Jarvie declared: The design was inspired by the notion ...
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    Fighting House In Seoul by Studio_Suspicion

    Studio_Suspicion’s Fighting House is a really interesting project in Seoul, South Korea, with innovative architecture use to get over local limitations associated with code restrictions and much more. Sageun-dong, Seoul, is a village that is topographically isolated. Pedestrian access is tough, with various land based restrictions, all summing up for a unique atmosphere. It is quite clear that everything is ...
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    The Wood Coffee Table That Doubles As A Workout Bench

    Wouldn’t it be great to have your workout table double as a stylish coffee table you can add to your living room? This is exactly what Habit Furniture thought would be a great idea, creating a brand new coffee table that is multi-tasking paradise. Just flip it over and you have a full workout bench that you can use. You ...
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    3 Wooden Houses That Will Punish You by Kiyoto Ota

    The lovely wooden houses that you see here are not created to make you feel comfortable. They were designed by Kiyoto Ota (Japanese-Mexican sculptor) with the main purpose of making the inhabitant feel 100% vulnerable. One of the homes will simply automatically take air out of it and in the other one you can be sure you will be rained ...
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