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    Promised Land Home by Bates Masi Architects

    The story behind this Promised Land home built by Bates Masi Architects is the one thing that instantly stands out. The family of the owners loves activities like kite boarding, sailing and wind surfing. Because of this the 4135 square feet property had to be designed featuring different clues related to environmental conditions associated with the water sports enjoyed. Weather ...
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    Perfect Relaxing And Breakfast Outdoor Place For The Entire Family

    A Carolina couple has a wonderful spot on their porch that is perfect for relaxing and breakfast, a vacation spot for the entire family. The size of the porch is 420 square feet and was designed by Lucas Eilers Design Associates. The home was needed since the owners live in Houston, with 2 grown children living on the East Coast. ...
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    Egyptian Mythology Inspired Cat Furniture – BAST

    Long gone are the days when cat furniture was just necessary. Now designers do a great work in making cat furniture a part of the home. Dafit Ashari is a great example of that. As part of the work for Studio Tropis the BAST Cat Furniture line was created. What is interesting is that this is not just furniture that ...
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    How To Choose Lighting – Quick Tips To Remember

    Lighting is a very important part of any design. The lighting can easily devalue or elevate your design. If you are renovating or building, you should take notice of these tips. Do your homework 8 weeks in advance A lot of people tend to think that the lighting isn`t a big problem and they usually wait until the end. You ...
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    The Houseboat by Mole Architects

    Covering an area of 221 square meters, the Houseboat is quite an interesting project that simply looks perfect from the outside. Many interior parts are also perfect, respecting the innovative and progressive design style that Mole Architects use in most of their projects. What is interesting with the work done by Mole is that designs are modern but also highly ...
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