General Ideas for Perfect Overall Interior Design

If you are planning on redecorating your house this year, we have one word to mention and which you must keep in mind: modern! It is time to give up on old stuff and follow the modern trends that make up all those great-looking homes we see in magazines. If you are ready to start a complete decoration process, you are ready to take everything to the next stage and embrace modern trends and stylish items that will make your home unrecognizable. Let’s consider some general ideas for perfect modern interior design.

Fashion and Function in Every Room


When it comes to interior design, if you want to achieve noticeable results with your re-do process you must consider all the space in the house ranging from the bedroom to the basement. All rooms are important and need to be well-decorated and go well together as an overall to give your home that unique design you were looking for. Modern homes bring fashion and function into each and every room and make the living space really comfortable and great-looking for its inhabitants and visitors.

High-Quality before Anything Else


No matter what you might need to purchase from furniture to storage items and accessories, these must all be high-quality ones. It is better to buy less but focus on quality rather than purchase a lot that might not be worth it after all. Pay attention to details because good materials bring to surface that special effect in each and every new item.

Casually Modern Couches

casually-modern-couchesLooks like first in trend this year in terms of sofas are the casually modern couches that attract your attention immediately. Well-chosen sofas always manage to create the warm, welcoming effects for your space. Cozy sofas will not only look great but also be very comfortable and inviting for guests and yourself. Go for sofas that feature lush pillows and sturdy construction because these are the new trend of 2016. It is all about clean lines and well tufted backs this year. The vintage inspired style with casual high-end results will attract a lot of attention.

Modern Storage Furniture

modern-storage-furnitureYour home cannot just be a simple little space that looks great. You also need proper functionality to ensure a happy living experience in it. Here is where modern storage furniture finds place in our little interior design game.

Go for modern items that come in various colors and shapes but which bring most advantages in terms of actual storage space. You will need them to keep everything well-organized at home without sacrificing on the general style you have adopted for the house.

Go for sleek and beautiful credenzas that are perfect for dining rooms this year. It is there that you will keep all your table lines and dishes without no one ever knowing. These items look so great that you do not even need a reason to include them into your dining room.

Strong Style Recommendations


Sliding doors are another strong recommendation this year together with cord cutouts that make up a chic overall look in any modern living room.  Do not be afraid to add some vertical options in the game as well. Choose contemporary cabinets and chests that are great for storing bed and bath items like linens or clothes. When you combine everything with a perfect bookcase that stands tall to display your favorite décor pieces and books, the results will be simply amazing.

Use your imagination and the insights found online and redecorate your house this year. Your life will start all over again as soon as you find your place in the new modern personal space.

Luxury Fitness Equipment By PENT

Most fitness equipment looks dull and will not be added to any modern room design. PENT wants to change this through its bespoke fitness furniture line. It is tailored for people that love fitness and interior design, with every single item offered looking stunning.

PENT offers some fitness furniture lines that use upscale materials and really elegant lines. Furniture is functional and beautiful at the same time. The materials chosen include stainless steel, walnut wood and only high quality solutions. We thus have fitness equipment that is visually appealing and hygienic. This is quite rare.

We particularly loved the attention to detail and the quality workmanship. Since the success of the line is pretty high at the moment, new items will be developed, including a fitness bench line, pictured below, together with others from the collection.

PENT luxury equipment lkuxury dumbbells

[AdSense-A]luxury fitness vertical bars luxury fitness bench

Top 3 Most Expensive Chairs in The World

These are the most expensive chairs in the world, those that only the rich and powerful can afford. Even they may have some problems in this case.

How much would you pay for a chair? Most of us would only go as high as around $2,000. In order to put your hands on the top 3 most expensive chairs in the world you will need to spend a whole lot more than that.

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair – $968,000

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair

Just as the name suggests, the chair is the work of designer Marc Newson. The fame of the designer rose from the year 1985. This is a chair that has its origins in the style of the thirties, with 3 legs descending from natural curves, all covered with rubber. The rest of the chair is mainly made out of plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass. You might have already seen the chair in the music video for Rain by Madonna.

Pininfarina Aresline Xten – $1.5 Million

Pininfarina Aresline Xten

Pininfarina is an Italian car design company. They are the ones that created Aresline Xten, one of the really comfortable chairs that are designed for office use. It is incredibly comfortable and obviously expensive. The Technogel design gives you a cushion that conforms to the entire shape of the body. Combine this with Dynatec, which is a fabric that is originally created for athletes. This expensive chair can easily be tilted individually and there are 4 colors available: anthracite, red, grey and metallic blue. Most people love the modern, sleek build.

The Dragons Chair – $27.8 Million

The Dragons Chair

This is quite a jump, right? What is interesting is that the chair was designed by Eileen Gray in the year 1971. It was sold at an auction. The auction house expected to get a maximum amount of $3 but the result was the one listed above thanks to the buyer, Yves Saint Laurent.

We are talking about a chair upholstered with brown leather and featuring a wood made brownish frame. The reason why the price tag is so high is Chinese iconography. The dragon is a symbol and this chair features 2 dragons. Even if the price is highly inflated by the wishes of Yves Saint Laurent, it is still beautiful.

A Simple Yet Lovely Sustainable House In Argentina

This simple but beautiful Escobar, Argentina, is made out of 7 rectangular boxes. BAM! Architecture rotated some of them to 90 degrees in order to offer more light and extend views.

The only problem with this home is the name, CG342 House. Besides that, we are faced with a pretty interesting home that is built right within a gated golf community that is private. The home had a professional in mind as an owner, a young person that will want a family in the future. You can so easily spend time right on the roof and enjoy the views and the fact that we have a home that is sustainable is definitely great.

Sustainable home by Bam Architecture 6 Sustainable home by Bam Architecture 5

[AdSense-A]Sustainable home by Bam Architecture 4 Sustainable home by Bam Architecture 3 Sustainable home by Bam Architecture 2 Sustainable home by Bam Architecture Sustainable Home by BAM ar


Lovely Sicily Island Cave House

This is definitely an interesting project. one that was the responsibility of Studio Agnello & Associati. We are talking about a lovely cave house in Sicily Island, a private residence that you will most likely love to live in. What is very interesting is that the architects managed to create something that was truly skillful. Integrating this living space into ancient stone walls is something that is never easy but the residence ended up being superb. It includes everything that you need, like a kitchen, a living room, a courtyard, a bedroom and even a dining room. Below you can take a look at some pictures of the property. We are quite sure you will love them.

Cave House Sicily Italy kitchen Cave House Sicily Italy living room

[AdSense-A]Cave House Sicily Italy fireplace Cave House Sicily Italy bed 2 Cave House Sicily Italy view Cave House Sicily Italy shower Cave House Sicily Italy courtyard 2 Cave House Sicily Italy courtyard Cave House Sicily Italy bathroom vanities Cave House Sicily Italy bed Cave House Sicily Italy

Dudeman Graffiti Furniture

Graffiti furniture is not what we normally think about when we decide how our next nightstand will look like but Nicholas Sinclair (commonly known as Dudeman) tries to change all that. The combination of street art and interior design can be quite interesting. All that you have to do is take a look at the images below and you will figure out how you can turn your home into something that is quite hip.

The one thing that instantly stands out is that the furniture items in the pictures are simple, quite common. You can easily talk to Nicholas and end up with art inside your home. The result is quite interesting: truly funky design and a graffiti that will become a part of your home.

We particularly loved the fact that there is a huge attention to detail put into every single project that Dudeman is involved in. This furniture is perfect for college students and so much more, a form of expression that will surely be appreciated by many. The items are simply beautiful.

graffiti furniture

[AdSense-A]graffiti furniture by dudeman beautiful graffiti furniture

Exquisite Wood Flooring Use

Many interior designers stay away from wood flooring because of different reasons, including the fact that homeowners try to stay away from this material. Dinesen is not one of those designers. The projects showcased below all feature perfect use of wood flooring in a modern environment. The great thing about the work done is the addition of some surprising elements that you would not really expect. That is why we see this as truly exquisite use of wood flooring.

wood flooring dining room
Great use of natural light, wood based furniture, flooring and white walls for maximum space.
wood flooring entertaingment room
Do you need to entertain many people and you frequently find yourself watching DVDs? This setup may be great for you and you can even use it for some cocktails with business partners.
wood flooring and yellow chair
By now you already figured out the style based on natural light use but here we see one element that automatically stands out: the colored chair. Such a simple addition.
wood flooring work space
This can be your very own home office or whatever you want it to be. We see more use of wood to perfectly match the flooring and you can see the contrast with the white walls.
wood flooring
Yes, that is a fireplace, a lovely fireplace. You can barely see it but it does make a difference!
wood flooring fireplace
Another view of that lovely fireplace, from a different angle.
wood flooring with peaked ceiling
If you want more wood, how about moving up the wall and covering the ceiling? The chairs may not be what you want to see here but you will still love it.



5 Ways To Declutter Your Home Without Using Minimalistic Interior Design

Most people want to live in a home that is clutter free. You can easily use minimalistic interior design as it is really popular at the moment but you might not want that. If this is your case, you want to consider the declutter tips below. They are simple and you could include them in most homes from all around the world.

Use Your Walls

This is particularly useful when the room is small and there is no real storage available for everything that you have. One of the areas of the room that are neglected by many is the wall. You basically want to create some sort of vertical storage. You can even go as high as your ceiling, thus maximizing the storage you use.


Use the area to showcase ornaments or family photos. Most personal items can be highlighted like this. Use flat surfaces like your table for something else, preferably just keep them free.

Use The Hallway In An Intelligent Way

Most homes do not take full advantage of the space that is available in the hallway. These areas normally attract a lot of clutter when there is no suitable storage available. When the hallway is narrow, you want to create alcoves with shoe storage, hanging space, phone charge spots and your umbrella nook. Nooks are always great for the hallway and you can use them in order to get rid of so much clutter.

Eliminating Kitchen Clutter

A kitchen gets cluttered with huge ease. You have dirty dishes, food, tools and much that appears everywhere. What you have to do is spend some money and buy storage jars. This is where you can put some of the dried goods. They will help you to keep food tidy and are so easy to clean. The children will love then and as an extra tip, you want to use square containers instead of the round ones. They are simply much more efficient.

Using Secret Storage

Clutter appears when there is no place available. Clutter can also appear when storage space is available but not used properly. You want to use hidden storage as this is really effective for making the home clutter-free and look great. As an example, you could have an ottoman that has some hidden space to store something inside.

There are so many options that you can take advantage of in terms of setting up secret storage. Just look at the options and see what would work with the interior design that you want to have.

Organizing The Bedroom

Shelving and drawers help out the most in decluttering your bedroom. This is because they offer the storage space that you need in the room and the solutions available at the moment can make the room feel welcoming and cozy, especially when coordinating with patterned rugs, throws and cushions.

Tidy the bedroom. Think about those items that you need and those that you do not. Just try to eliminate absolutely all the things that you do not need. The bedroom should be as free as possible anyway.

3 Really Important Things When You Live In A Small Apartment

There are millions of people that live in small apartments right now. Some bedrooms seem more like closets and you might sometimes even reach that kitchen sink as you lean away from your bed.

Dealing with small spaces is confusing for many but there are 3 things that are incredibly helpful for you. If you read what is written on many websites, you quickly see examples of some wonderful and ingenious uses of interior design basics in order to make that small space seem a lot larger. If you want to make living a lot more comfortable for you in a small apartment, remember this:

Proper Use Of Lighting

great lighting use in small apartment

When the space is small, you deal with it. If the space is really small and very dark, all is a lot worse than it should be. Good lighting has a huge effect in transforming any room and is particularly important when available space is limited.

The best thing that you can do is use as much natural light as possible. Do not add too much furniture and try to use window treatments that can let in as much light as the arrangement can offer.


Try to use reflective surfaces so you make light even more impactful. Mirrors are always great for this. When you think about artificial light use, try to add sufficient task, ambient and general lighting. Whenever small rooms are properly lit they will look and feel much more spacious.

Store And Organize

organization and storage

One huge problem with the small apartments is the lack of storage. As time passes, we tend to add more and more as we buy new furniture or decorations, among many others. With a small apartment, organization and storage are vital.

You basically have to learn how to live with less. It sounds bad but you will love the results. At the same time, you want to regularly clear the apartment and make sure everything is tidy. The great thing about this is that once you get used to a good schedule, it will no longer seem a chore.

Flexibility – Versatility

flexible furniture

Flexible layouts are always great in small apartments that have multiple uses. You want to look for small furniture that has multiple uses. For instance, you can combine your dining table with a desk. Wall-mounted elements are always great and sofa beds are normally recommended. Use rolling pieces and all that you can in order to make sure that the space is as flexible as it can be.