Mousarris “Wave City” Dining Table Bends Your Perceptions


Mousarris Wave City Dining Table

At the start of the year we had Stelios Mousarris creating a coffee table named Wave City and now, because of the success it had, the idea was expanded to the Wave City dining table. This is definitely a stunning concept that is hard not to look at and analyze for many minutes.

We basically have a wooden landscape featuring buildings that is folded in half and then transformed into a tabletop by adding glass right on top. You will think about the movie Inception whenever you see this dining table. While we do not know where the inspiration came from, the details added are wonderful and we are faced with quite a great work being done with every single one of these tables.

The Wave City dining table is made out of wood, steel, glass and various different 3D components that you will like. Many elements are hand painted. Length is 250 cm, height is 76 cm and width is 150 cm.

Mousarris Wave City Dining Table side view

Mousarris Wave City Dining Table – Side View

Mousarris Wave City Dining Table front view

Moussaris Wave City Dining Table – Front View

Mousarris Wave City Dining Table skyscrapper close up

Take an even closer look. You will surely recognize some of the buildings or will you?

Mousarris Wave City Dining Table loop support

The dining table support might not seem to be sturdy but you can be sure that it is so.

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