Luxury Homes For Hamsters

luxury home for hamsters

If you have a hamster, you surely do not mind getting a luxury home for the little one. When you think about a luxury home for hamsters, you instantly think about cuteness. This is exactly what you get.

ZIT Studio already offers luxury homes for hamsters. They did work on a series of such little dwellings. They can easily be described as much more than just houses. There is a small McDonalds with hamster-scale furniture, a valley and a labyrinth.

Just take a look at some examples:

If you wonder how these beauties are built, there is a video that shows you the process. It highlights the luxury hamster home construction process from ZIT Studio:

To make matters even more interesting, ZIT Studio designs many miniature homes for various pets and animals. They can even add electricity to the homes if you want to.

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