A Homeowner’s Guide on How to Fix a Jammed Garage Door


On average, your garage door opens and closes 1,500 times a year. When your dependable garage door turns into a stuck garage door, it can really mess up your day. 

My garage door is stuck is the last thing you want to say as you’re getting ready to leave the house. What is your next move? Do you try to fix it yourself or call a professional? 

Have you found yourself wondering how to unjam a garage door? Stick with us because we’re here to help…keep reading to learn these tips and tricks on how to fix a jammed garage door.  

My Garage Door is Jammed 

As your door ages, you may experience some garage door problems. Is it jammed in a way that you can’t open it or close it? Is jammed halfway open? 

This can happen for any number of reasons starting with springs. The springs do all the heavy lifting and are bound to break sooner or later. 

There may be something blocking the sensors or debris in the rails keeping the door from opening and closing. Extreme temperatures can also affect the operation of your garage door. 

How Do You Fix a Jammed Garage Door? 

When you’ve checked everything that it might be and narrowed it down, follow this advice on how to fix each problem. 

Damaged Track 

If you’ve discovered that the track or tracks are bent or uneven, it’s time to fix them. If you have a hammer and some skills for using it, you can repair a bent track. 

Using a hammer and a scrap of wood, straighten out the bent track. 


Is there an obstruction that is keeping your door from functioning properly? The obstruction might be in the rollers, hinges, tracks, or other hardware. 

Turn off the door opener, look for the obstruction, and remove it. If it turns out that the track needs some lubrication, lubricate the tracks with oil. 

Broken Spring

Look at the torsion springs at the top of the door. If one of them is broken, you’ll see a gap between the springs.

If you have extension springs, they’re installed vertically on the sides of the door. If they’re hanging loose, that’s your problem. 

Broken springs require professional repair. This is NOT a DIY project as it can be quite dangerous. 

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Fix a Jammed Garage Door

When you find yourself with a jammed garage door it can really ruin your day especially if you need to get somewhere and your car is inside. If you’ve tried to fix it and failed, contact professional garage door repair services to handle it. 

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