Make Some Room: 7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas


Did you know the average size of a bedroom in the US is about 11 x 12 feet? While this may be pretty roomy for some people, plenty of homes have bedrooms that are much, much smaller. 

Are you looking for some modern bedroom designs for small rooms? Perhaps you want to get small bedroom ideas for new decoration or new furniture.

Luckily, there are a lot of options for someone that wants to spice up the look of a small bedroom! 

Keep reading to get our top 7 small bedroom design tips and decide which ones you might want to try.

1. Add Shelves

Adding shelving when you’re getting started with small bedroom decorating ideas will allow you a lot of freedom. You can use them to store extra books, knick-knacks, artwork, and so much more. 

In addition to that, shelves can be part of the artwork in your room all by themselves. They will help you create extra space on your walls so that you have more storage and can display your most prized possessions. 

2. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall, also called a statement wall, is a simple room design tip that allows you to create a focal point within the room. Even with a small bedroom, you can do this by making one wall stand out with a bright or attention-grabbing look. The other walls should be rather plain in color and texture for this to work.

You could try adding a fun wallpaper to your feature wall or Scandi-style wooden paneling for a more rustic feel. 

3. Incorporate Hidden Features

Creating storage or making extra space in a cramped bedroom is tough when you already have furniture that you want to use.

However, a simple way to create additional space for things like shelves, baskets, wardrobes, and more is to stack them up securely along a single wall. This is especially important if you don’t have an actual closet or a space for your items. You can add a curtain in front of this area so that it can be closed off in a more efficient way.

If you’re not totally sold on keeping your bed (or are in the market for a new one), murphy beds are a great solution for people with small bedrooms that want more space during the day. You can easily fold it up when not in use to create additional room in the bedroom for other activities or just for a sleeker look. 

4. Add Color

While white rooms are going to elevate the space and brighten up the room, you still should incorporate at least a couple of colorful accents to bring the room to life. Dark accents are an option if you want to make a bold impact, but it can also lead to the room feeling a little more cramped. Feel free to use multiple colors, such as blues, greens, or reds, throughout the room, and try to focus on the lighter shades. 

You can do this with throw pillows, area rugs, lamps, curtains, and so much more. Feel free to be creative here to make sure that you are adding your own personality to the room. 

5. Hang Mirrors on Your Walls

Mirrors are a strategic way to brighten up any small room, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. They will reflect the light in a way that makes the room feel like it has more space. 

You can play around with the number of mirrors that you decide to hang and try them in different spots to get the optimal effect. The best way to test this out is to try mirrors of different shapes and sizes so that the look is a little more multi-dimensional and fresh. 

6. Clear Away the Clutter

While you may have a lot of little items that you love, if your goal is to maximize the space and look of a small bedroom, you should keep them put away.

Tidying the space will make it look bigger because it makes it naturally look like there is more space for items. Think about it – when you look at an empty room, it might appear huge; once you add furniture, it suddenly looks much smaller.  If it appears that more space is available for other things, the room will look like it’s bigger!

Clear off your surfaces and keep the room well-kempt for a neatly styled space. 

7. Use Every Space for Storage

If you have furniture with extra storage compartments or a lot of space underneath, don’t be afraid to store your items in these spots. You want to maximize the areas that already have furniture on them for your storage so that you have to use less of the overall room space for this purpose. 

In addition to that, cleaning up your room will be a lot easier, and finding items you need will be a breeze when you know exactly which areas of your room have storage. You can plan ahead where you will keep things and organize your bedroom more efficiently by doing this. 

These Small Bedroom Design Ideas Help Maximize Your Space

There are plenty of small bedroom design options for people that are dealing with minimal space but want it to feel like more. The most important thing is to be creative and try different methods of placing your items before you decide on the final look. This way, you can experiment with what fits your needs the best!

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