Get Inspired With the Following Loft Design Ideas That Homeowners Love


Are you renting a property that has a loft or own a property that has one? Are you stuck on how you should decorate the area?

It can be tricky to decorate that random space in your home, but if you do it right, you will always be hanging out in the coolest room in the house.

Keep reading to get inspiration from the following loft design ideas.

Go For Minimalism 

Nothing strikes the eye quite like minimalism.

Minimalism can look different to everyone – but a great thing to try is simple, natural colors like whites, tans, and grays. Keep the decor simple as well with some elegant pieces of art. For wall art, try a simple hanging clock and one or two pieces of art with a pop of color to contrast the naturals.

If you want a more natural minimalistic look, add in some greenery to the space and keep the rest natural with wood decor and the color white.

Hang the Bed

One of the coolest things you can do in a loft while also saving space for other things is hanging the bed out of the ceiling. You maximize the floor space while also creating a hip look.

If you do decide to put a bed up in the loft area, make sure the best loft insulation that you can find so you stay comfortable at night!

Make It the Hangout Space of the House

If you like to entertain, a loft could be a great space for people to hang out when they come over. They can grab a drink and head right up to chitchat and mingle!

So how do you make this perfect for hanging out? Add a bar cart upstairs and a mini fridge. Throw in some beanbags around a lower sofa to create a more lounge-style space as if you are transported to an actual restaurant lounge.

To make it pop, add a funky rug to brighten the room and create some personality.

Your guests will be sure to love this area, and you may even find yourself up here more than you think!

Convert It to a Playroom

If you have little ones running around the house, you may be looking for a way to keep them in one place. By doing a loft renovation, you can easily create a fun and unique playroom for them. You could even make it look like a dollhouse if the roof is angled (or even if it’s not!).

If you want the best loft remodel for your kids, add a reading nook in the corner so that they can relax after playing all day.

Time to Redo Your Loft Design

There are so many different ways you can go about creating a loft design. Whether you want it hip, funky, minimal, or fun, there aer so many ways to do the remodel!

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