The Modern Apocalypse House – The Transformers Home


Today we have to present a really interesting house, one that may be interesting for those that are waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse or for those that simply want a lot of safety. It is really hard to break into this home and the truth is that we can easily describe it as a bunker or maybe a Tranformers Home.

apocalypse house

From the outside, when you are not home, the house does not look like much. Even when you look at other images, you can say that you just see something that looks like a warehouse, a concrete warehouse.

apocalypse house - exterior

Then, you basically see it transform into something that is simply incredibly lovely to see.

apocalypse house opening up

Transformers House Transforming

apocalypse house wait what

Just a View From Another Angle

apocalypse house back

The back area of the Apocalypse House When Zombies are not around

apocalypse house - interior

The interior is much more impressive than you would imagine!

apocalypse house - backyard

Grab a coffee while you shoot the Zombies that come to your home!

apocalypse house - at night

Throw a rave party if you want to. Nobody will know you do it inside a warehouse 😉