4 Furniture Arrangement Tips You Need To Know

Furniture arrangement is not as simple as you might initially think. You can quickly notice great arrangements that stand out but recreating them is not easy. Interior designers use a lot of their knowledge to come up with perfect arrangements. Fortunately, you do not need to be an interior designer to arrange furniture in your home. Here are some really simple furniture arrangement tips that you can use right now and that will improve the overall appearance of any room.

Create A Focal Point

The simplest way to arrange furniture in a home is to base everything on a focal point. The focal point is practically the very first thing someone sees when walking into a room. This is why it needs to capture attention and be as eye-catching as possible.

Usually, the focal point is something that is already present, like a window or a fireplace. When such a feature is not present, the easiest way to create the focal point is to use wall art or statement furniture.


After the focal point is set up, you can arrange furniture. Just do it in a way that highlights the focal point. Arrange seating and all furniture so it faces the focal point. This offers extra visual clues, drawing your eyes towards that important part of the room.

Think About Traffic Flow

Image From: Blue Door Living

This practically refers to how people move in a room. In an ideal setting, you want people to easily move around and reach entrances, without having to bump into furniture. Figure out the room’s traffic flow by creating a floor plan. Arrows can represent pathways, every single one coming from an entryway and heading towards the next. After, add furniture around identified pathways. See what combination works and arrange your furniture based on it.

Plan Ahead When Buying Furniture

Always plan your future purchases. You do not want to buy furniture and discover that it does not actually fit. Sort out how what you buy fits to see if it is a good buy or not. Basically, when you see something that you like, think about how it will fit and where you will place it. Measure space and do not forget about space needed around furniture.

Avoid Walls When Arranging Furniture

One of the most common mistakes we see when furniture is arranged is to have seating against walls. The idea behind this move is simple since in theory it should make everything more spacious. In reality, a lot of dead space is created right in the middle. This makes the entire room feel unfinished and stark.

As an alternative, you can simply move the furniture away from your walls. Bring the furniture together and you will create a highly intimate grouping. The entire room is going to feel like it was staged by a professional interior designer and conversation is instantly facilitated. As a bonus, the space will feel warmer, which is always something people want.