Budget-Friendly Bathroom Design Tips

Budget-friendly bathroom ideas often start with small details that make a significant statement, like replacing an uninspiring shower curtain with something eye-catching and bright. Doing this can give your space a totally fresh new feel with minimal cost or effort required!

Painting floorboards is another quick and simple DIY upgrade that can transform the feel of your bathroom, helping it feel new again. Choose a special paint for bathrooms that stands up well against moisture for best results.

Paint Floorboards

No one wants to spend thousands on botched DIY tiling or scammy builders, so painting your bathroom floorboards is a quick and affordable way to update their appearance. Choose a classic color like gray for consistency while bolder shades such as deep red or green can bring personality.

Switching out outdated lighting fixtures for modern ones is another straightforward way to transform your bathroom. A small chandelier over the vanity creates a focal point and instantly elevates the room, while installing modern sconces is another cost-effective solution.

An empty wall offers the ideal canvas to display beautiful items that elevate a space, such as vintage magazines displayed here by Toledo Geller in his bathroom design project. Achieve instant transformation with minimal effort by adding just this element.

Install Shelves

If your bathroom counters are becoming overrun with clutter or you want to organize the space better, adding shelves may help. Shelves can serve as storage solutions for toiletries, makeup, and daily essentials as well as adding decorative elements like candles, house plants, or folded towels.

Select shelving that works well with your bathroom’s decor, be it rustic with floating wood shelves adorned with plumbing pipe brackets or more modern with glass or white shelves.

Brass features are an easy way to add luxury without breaking your budget. Opt for brass-plated soap dispensers, tissue boxes, or toothbrush holders in order to tie together your bathroom space, while hanging a metal pendant light will draw the eye upwards and make your ceiling appear higher.

Add a Mirror Frame

One of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom quickly is by framing your mirror. A frame not only adds an element of luxury, but it can also serve as a focal point in your space.

Select a frame material and style based on the rest of your bathroom design, for instance, if your space features contemporary or modern elements then choose metallic frames which will match well with its color scheme.

If your bathroom features more of a rustic or traditional feel, consider adding wooden or resin frames that create a luxurious aesthetic to the room. Decoupage your frame with wallpaper for a unique effect; alternatively, add mod podge or glitter for an ornate bathroom idea.

Add Some Storage

An impressive linen closet can make any bathroom appear luxurious even without built-in shelves (or room for them). To get creative without undertaking a full remodel, repurposing an armoire could make an interesting and unexpected statement in the bathroom, providing the ideal accompaniment to Fornasetti wallpaper and aubergine stool in this main bathroom from Arent & Pyke.

If your bathroom lacks extra storage, look to supermarkets for inexpensive ornamental features that can add flair without breaking the bank – such as soap dispensers, tissue boxes, and toothbrush holders. Brass toilet paper holders add an air of luxe while still being quite cost-effective; while painted shutters from Hecker Guthrie provide another great touch.

Add Some Decorative Items

No matter the style or size, any bathroom can benefit from additional decorative accents. Be it an intricate mirror frame that draws attention away from another decor, or vibrant window shades that play up its colors palette; adding these accents will give your bathroom character.

If a full bathroom makeover isn’t in your plans, add character with water-resistant wallpaper such as fish scale tiles or floral patterns with a water repellency that is easy to keep clean. Try choosing something bold like an ombre fish scale pattern or antique flowery wallpaper to give it extra character!

Altering builder hardware – cabinet knobs, towel bars, and sink faucets – for more luxurious versions is another budget-friendly way to update your bathroom. Changing from yellow polished brass to oil-rubbed bronze or traditional brushed nickel may transform it from outdated to showroom quality in no time at all!