Atelier Gratia develops a Taiwanese concrete courtyard home with angular corners.

This courtyard home in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, created by local firm Atelier Gratia to be a “shelter” from the surrounding metropolis, is surrounded by an angular wall of exposed concrete inspired by origami.

The four-story residence, named Star House for the street on which it lies in a crowded metropolitan neighborhood, is oriented inwards, with balconies and terraces overlooking a lovely courtyard garden.

In order to ensure solitude, the home’s exposed concrete exterior is pierced by a single, angular entrance, and its northern elevation has a constellation of small, carefully-placed windows.

The building’s bulk has been kept small, maximizing the size of the courtyard and ensuring that the whole interior is well-lit and well-ventilated.

The three bedrooms of Star House have been elevated above the main floor, which features an office and tea room with terraces facing the center pond.

On the first level, a huge living area and dining space, each with its own kitchen, are situated on each side of the courtyard and open onto glass-balustraded balconies.

Each floor is connected via a staircase located at the home’s eastern border. Full-height windows were designed to offer light and vistas to all interior rooms.

The structure culminates in a garden that encircles the whole dwelling’s roof, contrasting the more intimate courtyard views with broad city vistas.

The bare concrete that characterizes the exterior facades is carried into the home’s interiors, which are furnished with basic furnishings, light fixtures, and marble baths.