Breezy, Bright Apartment In Gothenburg

The breezy bright Gothenburg, Sweden apartment we found on Decor Envy was so interesting that we just had to also share it with you. Lucy said that she wanted people to look at the subway tiles and wooden floors but there is so much more to this apartment.

breezy light apartment 2
Look at how well everything matches. We have a lovely use of wood and the unexpected walls are quite a nice addition, together with the modern appliances that are always present in modern apartments.
breezy light apartment 3
Look how the plants add warmth.
breezy light apartment 4
We would simply love to look at that wall while we eat. On the right you can find natural light so grab your coffee with pleasure.
breezy light apartment 5
Exactly what we said earlier. This is how to properly use natural light, especially in a white based room.
breezy light apartment 6
You hardly notice that large new generation TV on the left. It fits perfectly and, once again, great use of light.
breezy light apartment 7
That chair there. Great element.

Make sure you also check the Decor Envy entry for a couple of extra pictures and to show some love. Obviously, the floors are stunning, as already mentioned and there are so many extras that you would love. Every single little addition was perfect and we basically love everything that was present. We couldn’t find anything wrong with this apartment and this is quite rare.