You Are Buying Your Bedroom Sheets Wrong!

A higher thread count doesn`t mean you will get better quality. In this case, higher doesn`t mean better. A lot of people is shocked about this misconception. A lot of luxury linens designers say that the thread count doesn`t actually mean that it is the same thing with a better quality.

How did the misconception appear?

It is said that this misconception firstly appeared in the American market. When it firstly appeared, the customers were happy to pay more for a bed linen because the higher thread was a way to determinate the quality of the sheets. This mentality is similar with what we have today in the low-fat and organic food industry. This thing happened in the mid-1990, and by the year 2000 the thread count lie extended a lot. On this year, the first 1000-plus threat count linens were introduced.

A lot of experts at that time said that the threat count doesn`t represent quality.  This statement wasn`t on the same page with the customers and it seems that the thread count lie is still a thing even today.

What should the customer do?

Experts say that the majority of fibers which make up the sheets are cotton and you should look for a longer fiber. If you go for a longer fiber it will give strength, and this means less peeling. The customers should look for different materials such as: pima and supima, cotton-poplin, bamboo, organic cotton and even cotton-polyester.


You should always pay attention to the weave of your sheet. There are different kinds of waves, but a percale weave is the one you should take consideration to. You can also go with the sateen weave because it has a bit of a softer feel to it and it is a little warmer than percale.

Numbers aren`t everything

As a general rule you should buy above 200-thread count sheet, and know that every sheet bigger than 800 thread doesn`t really matter.

The Federal Trade Commission tries to protect the costumers from inflated thread counts.


Some experts say that it really matters the country from which your product comes. A 1000 thread count from Pakistan is lower quality than a 200 thread count from France. Both France and Italy are known to be the best sheet-makers in business, even though they don`t use fibers from a particular country.

Price matters

In this case, quality and price will always go together. If you decide to buy a 700 thread count sheet from Bed Bath & Beyond or from Target it won`t be the best quality for you.

About finishing

Chemical substances are being used in the end of the process. The producers use these processes to keep them wrinkling and shrinking free. You should always choose the organic cotton because it is better than a lot of materials available on the market today.

Buying bed sheets can be difficult, but if you keep these advices in mind and go only for quality you shouldn`t have any problems.