Color Schemes For A Perfect Kitchen Design

A kitchen is always a main part of a home. This is where we cook, eat and spend so much more time than what we initially think. Designing a classy kitchen will basically make our life better. However, this is much more than just choosing kitchen furniture and mixing it up with some vanities that you love. It is important to plan kitchens and actually do the work to make them great parts of the home. A large part of creating the perfect kitchen design is choosing a suitable color scheme.


Focusing on color scheme is a great starting point when you design any room. Usual color rules will apply and when referring to the kitchen you will want to focus on something that is going to show it off.

Light And Space

An example of a wight based clean kitchen design.

Kitchen design is similar to bathroom design in the sense that a kitchen is always going to look better if it is properly cleaned and if its design is clean. With this in mind, you can start with light colors. Kitchens are functional places. You want to see everything that you do there. It is possible to use a dark sideboard though, together with glossy blacks and deep browns.

When you choose to include dark surfaces, lift contrast by using light colors when you paint the walls. With kitchens we normally focus on high contrast. If the color scheme is too rich the result is a room that is simply dingy looking.

Taking Kitchen Appliances Into Account

Red kitchen appliances matched with red walls and white cabinets.

Colors used need to match the kitchen appliances you choose. After all, they are compulsory. You can sometimes hide fridges or dishwashers behind doors of a suitable color. The same thing cannot be said about hobs, ovens and sinks. It is always important to avoid color clashes.

Many of the fixtures you cannot hide away will be chrome steel, stainless steel or white. This does not mean you should go all white though. You do not want to use white tiling close to white porcelain. Some mixes are always going to work great in kitchens.

Whenever possible, think about kitchen appliances before you buy paint and tiles. If the appliances are already in place, what you buy should be based on that.

Do Not Exaggerate With Colors

Too many ideas and colors added in kitchen design. – An example.

A really common kitchen design mistake is to use way too many colors. You want to design to look clean. Because of this, using 2 or 3-tone color schemes is seen as being ideal. That makes kitchen lines sharp. At the same time, it removes the appearance of dirt and clutter.

Go Wild With Colors

Using many colors and reflecting personality in kitchen design – An example

If you are careful, you can always go for a wild color scheme. The kitchen does not necessarily need to be excessively simple. The design you choose should reflect personal tastes. Inspiration can be found in food and even food style. As an example, you can always go for fresh citrus colors. Never feel that you are faced with a design that is too plain. Even really strong blues and reds can be great and make the kitchen feel vibrant. Do experiment but be sure that you do not go overboard.

What Do You Like In Your Kitchen Color Scheme?

We always love to hear from others. If you have some things to say about kitchen color schemes, have some tips or you want to share an image, use the comment section below.