Everything You Need To Know About Interior Design Focal Points

Interior design is very complex, because it concentrates more disciplines in one. Structure, furniture, decoration are just a few examples of the main things you need to take into consideration when building or renovating your home. I did not say “house” for a reason. When you redecorate, you create art that says something about yourself. You should know what you want, because you will spent a lot of your time in your home and you will need to identify yourself with it.

The effects of a focal point

Despite what others may say, you don’t need to invest a lot in it. You just need to have an “eye” and know exactly what you want to express through interior design. Here comes the role of Focal Points. They are the first thing that catches your attention when you enter in a room for the first time. It can be a fireplace, a different color, an interesting light and so on.

Geometry in your house

Apparently, geometrical design can inspire strong emotions and it is used in the contemporary style design. Straight lines and well defined angles are daring choices, but they can create originality. A minimalist and simple design can use as a focal point the white and black contrast given by calculated lines on the walls. Light has an important role in the geometrical decor, because it will highlight everything in a pleasant way.

every color has its story

Every color has its story

Colors are also a decisive element when it comes to focal points. In 2014, the color palette has many varied trends and the main idea is freedom in expression of your own style. Orange, turquoise, olive green and orange are the favorites and they are used on furniture as well.

Old versus New

Don’t be afraid to reuse what you have. Old and well preserved furniture with some changes are always well seen. In interior design, opposites attract and they can be a very nice combination if you know how to use it. This is applied to walls, carpets, furniture and any other decoration. You can “throw” something old right in the modern and most of the times the results are very inspired.

old versus new 02 old versus new

The main idea of a focal point in a room is to make people see what you want them to see. You can distract them from the less attractive things. All you need to do is value what you have. Outline the existing with a strong detail.

Don’t forget to look up

Don’t forget that a room has a ceiling. Use it! It can literally mean more than a roof over your head. You can play with the light, color and the entire vibe of the room only by using the ceiling.

Another great focal point is a piece of art. It can be a sculpture, a painting, an abstract form made of different materials. Dare to be original. You can buy it on sale from a market, it doesn’t really matter as long as it fits and it can express what you want it to.

 great design

Use a focal point as your weapon when you want to redecorate your room. Combine what you already have with something new and create something that represents yourself.