The Most Expensive Furniture In The World

Your house will never feel like a home unless you get it fully furnished. It is important to buy your desired furniture. The living room should always have, chairs, maybe a cabinet and even some requisite furniture. When you first start out you are probably thinking of keeping the things as cheap as you can.

When the furniture gets old, you will consider repairing it or maybe upgrading the materials so it will look newer.


You may want to consider the following items that will serve as an exhibit in your home. If you have the money to buy them than you shouldn`t think twice. Here are some of the most expensive furniture in the world.

  1. The Badminton Chest

This chest is actually named after a Badminton House in Gloucestershire. The cabinet has amethyst quartz integrated within it and the making of it took the experts six years.

  1. The Dragons Chair

This chair is priced today at around 28 million dollars. The chair design is a masterpiece made by a designer named Eileen Gray. This chair was firstly bought by a designer in Paris. Today, you can find this chair in the property of Yves Saint Laurent.

  1. The Tuft Table

It was designed and crafted by Thomas Tufft. The most valuable thing regarding this table is the fact that it was fully crafted by hand. This table has some really nice crafted ankles.

  1. Magnetic Floating Bed

This bed seems to flow in the air. An architect collaborated with a company of magnetics in order to develop this floating technology. Making use of magnets, he managed to make a floating bed that can float 40 cm above the floor. It can hold a weight up to 900 kilograms.

  1. Solid Gold Stool

This stool is evaluated to 1.3 million dollars. It is made out of gold and the hardest question to ask regarding it is how you can classify it. Nobody can actually tell if it is a jewelry or it is furniture. The stool was made in China, but the quality is pretty high and it is made up of solid gold.

  1. Parnian desk

This desk is made up of different kinds of exotic wood. It also has a customized glass.

  1. Diamond encrusted sofa

This sofa is one of the most expensive sofas in the world. It is made of mahogany and leather. The sofa is encrusted with diamonds. Another thing you should know about this sofa is that it is also shaped like a diamond and its worth is at about 184.000$.

  1. Archeo Copper Bathtub

This bathtub is five feet long and can fill up to 270 liters of water. You can purchase this bathtub at a price of 67 000$.

  1. Vividus Mattress

This is a very special bed made of different materials such as horsehair, cashmere, lamb`s wool, silk and flax. It is really comfortable and if the price of 59.000$ is ok with you than you should consider buying it.