Grammarly’s Ukraine Headquarters By Balbek Bureau

Grammarly, the digital writing assistant that is currently used by millions, is a truly global company that has offices in San Francisco, Kyiv and New York. The firm does always operate, using a lot of technology and employing more people than what many think. This allowed them to hire Balbek Bureau for the creation of a 1750 square meters office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The lead architects responsible for this project were Slava Balbek, Anastasia Marchenko and Andrii Berezynskyi.


Grammarly needed many spaces intended for various activities, like a conference hall capable of seating 150 people, smaller meeting rooms, a soundproof recreation room, lounge zones, a canteen and even a nap room. All this had to be done with the use of a warm color palette and eco-friendly materials. Obviously, all conference rooms needed high-tech solutions while adaptability is something that is a standard in modern office space.

The architects and interior designers that worked on this project did so much great work. A meet-up zone is present at the ground floor and every single Grammarly requirement was perfectly located. The staircases perfectly connect levels and privacy is offered in many individual box rooms.

Different meeting rooms and lounge zones were added. One was particularly interesting, the one you see with a fireplace added.

Eco-friendly materials were used, together with natural wood. Oak is mostly used in the office space and there is a lot of natural light present, creating a really good working environment, efficiency and comfort.

In the nap room you can find 3 sleeping places with perfect optical isolation. What is particularly interesting is there are weighing sensors right under mattresses. Whenever the sensors detect the presence of someone, a light indicator appears so everyone knows that block is occupied.

Photographs from: Yevhenii Avramenko and Andrey Bezuglov