House Tour – Bright Home With Storage-Friendly Areas

Making space work for you is sometimes difficult but the truth is that even the smallest possible homes can feel quite spacious. This bright home we feature in the quick house tour is a great example of that. It is located in Sofia and was the work of Don’t DIY Studios. It is a modern contemporary apartment that is much smaller than what most people are used to but that feels so much larger. Smart design features minimize clutter and natural light is fully taken advantage of.

As you can see from the images below, the focus was put on taking full advantage of everything that the apartment has to offer. The white wall that you see in front of the seating area would easily double up as a pretty large projection screen so you do not even need a TV set inside the home. The living area will give you access to entertainment options in a comfortable way and the really large window will offer outdoor views and so much natural light comes inside the home.


What you will see is that multi-functional storage furniture will be available in many parts of the home. The kitchen is hidden and you can simply use it whenever you want to while the seating area is a clear welcoming spot for the home if you want to reflect and relax. You can easily transform the area in the living room from play to work and vice versa. As an example, the plywood table you see in one of the pictures can easily be a dining table or a workspace table.