Mediterranean Charm for Warm Hues and Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces

Treat your outdoor living area like an extension of your indoor family room. Create an ambiance reflective of who you are by including large area rugs, comfortable seating arrangements and accent pieces that showcase your taste.

A pergola creates an intimate seating nook, offering welcome shade on hot days while providing more usable hours for evening entertaining. Weaved lights strung overhead extend their usefulness beyond daybreak to ensure useable hours can continue into darkness. Furthermore, adding water features or fountains adds visual interest while further delineating the space.

The Bedroom

Warm purples and aubergines make an inviting choice for bedroom walls, as their luxurious hues boast plenty of pigments that give off an expensive vibe across every surface. Additionally, berry shades of purple can create an intimate and welcoming space when combined with other warm hues such as reds or oranges.

Yellow can add warmth and coziness to the bedroom, with paints like Lamplighter providing an inviting glow in any bedroom space. When combined with accent pieces with metallic finishes, yellow hues add warmth and coziness that’s perfect for welcoming guest.

Brown can help create an inviting bedroom atmosphere. Farrow and Ball’s London Clay provides a warm and welcoming wall color; or for something more dramatic try Black Magic by Portola Paints for an eye-catching shade featuring black and red undertones to produce a deep purple shade that can also act as an inviting bedroom color.

The Bathroom

Use Mediterranean-inspired design principles to transform even a small nook into an inviting atmosphere. By including natural materials, rich earth tones, and vibrant accents in your bathroom design scheme, Mediterranean vibes are sure to evoke memories of sunny beaches!

Modern Mediterranean interior design typically utilizes neutral hues like alabaster, parchment, straw and stone. When accented with splashes of blue reminiscent of the sea or greens evoking pine trees and olive groves, you have created an astoundingly beautiful space.

Add Mediterranean flair by including rustic-hewn wood or displaying a woven basket filled with fruits like figs, oranges and lemons, plus perhaps adding fresh greenery such as an olive tree (if climate permits). These touches will bring peace and serenity into any bathroom space.

The Living Room

Designers frequently turn to warm hues in their living rooms to create an inviting space where family members can come and relax together. Warmth brings coziness, creating an inviting space where family members can gather.

While cool hues tend to feel refreshing and soothing, warm tones such as reds, oranges, and yellows are highly motivating and upbeat. These bolder colors draw people in while also being eye-catching to passerby – ideal for larger rooms with lots of activity.

In this cozy sitting area, a farmhouse-style table and worn leather poufs create an ideal combination of warm greens and browns in this living room, complete with woven accents, rich wood flooring, a jute area rug and creamy neutral curtains to keep things from feeling too intense. Registered interior designer Garrow Kedigan used Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore on all four walls, trim, cornice and ceiling of this living space before adding her touch of blue with an antique silk linen blend sofa upholstery upholstered in vintage fabric.

The Outdoor Spaces

The mediterranean design provides a welcoming space to relax and entertain, emphasizing nature-inspired colors, terra cotta tiles, and rich textures for an authentic sense of place in any home.

Large windows and doors that maximize natural lighting are hallmarks of Mediterranean design. These openings may feature simple shutters or flowing curtains to let sunlight come pouring in for a welcoming glow, and textiles like rugs or tapestries with ethnic patterns add further depth to this region’s rich natural beauty and artisanal history.

Terraces, gardens and patio spaces are at the core of Mediterranean design. When designing these social areas for Mediterranean living, consider incorporating rustic refinement with furniture made of terra cotta or wrought iron as well as lush greenery and flowers for an outdoor feeling inside while adding decorative accents such as lanterns, chandeliers and sconces in wrought iron as well as ceramic or glass lamp bases to give these places an elegant artisanal charm.