Nautical Inspirations for Exterior Design

Coastal chic emphasizes an airy atmosphere. A clear layout is key, as is an eclectic mix of natural textures such as woven rugs, weathered wood furniture and smooth stone ornaments.

An idyllic seaside color palette of crisp whites, sandy neutrals and soft coral hues conjures an effortless beachy aesthetic. Add nautical details like stripes patterns, anchor motifs and rope belts for an additional nautical feel.

Color Palettes

Beach colors evoke images of water, sky, sand and shells, providing an aesthetically pleasing design element for any room. Colors inspired by oceanic waters such as shades of blue and ocean-inspired green can bring peace into the home while easily complementing other neutrals like white, beige and gray hues.

To create an easy coastal color scheme, opt for neutrals in earthy tones such as moss, seagrass or sand that include earthy hues like moss, seagrass and sand before choosing accent colors that reflect your favorite beach scenes or vacation memories – for instance, sea-glass green hue that blends watery blues with soft browns and greens pairs well with wood and rattan furniture such as our Crane Island Florida Idea House living room.

Subtle nautical decorative elements add flair and interest to coastal interior design without making it kitschy. Try adding simple nautical motifs such as anchors into wall art or statement pieces such as macrame plant hangers. Jute or rattan rugs bring beachy vibes into any living space while adding nautical charm with a set of woven rope candle holders.


Coastal Chic furniture tends to be casual and inviting. Natural materials such as rattan and jute add rustic elegance that perfectly matches beachy palettes of soft blues and sandy neutrals, and slipcovered sofas and chairs upholstered with light linens or cotton make the ideal examples of casual furniture designs in this style.

Coastal Chic incorporates nature-inspired artwork into their rooms for an extra dose of beachy charm and relaxation. Palm fronds and banana leaves are great ways to bring nature inside while providing architectural interest – like this kitchen in our Crane Island Florida Idea House featuring sepia-toned tropical scenes above the range that add instant island character!

Cliche coastal accents sometimes feel too kitsch, so avoid going overboard with shell lamps and sea-themed wall art. Instead, opt for simple woven baskets and other objects that subtly hint at beach culture without becoming obvious.


Coastal Chic accessories bring an ocean-inspired aesthetic into any room, often including natural elements like seashells and driftwood, marine artwork, natural textures such as wicker or rattan, light-colored fabrics with no glittery accents and designs that favor light hues without excessive sheen.

Favor the airy feel of coastal designs by installing window treatments that let in light. Large windows are often used in coastal designs to frame scenic ocean or natural views; designers also frequently include screened porches or decks in their plans.

Decorative mirrors are also popular in coastal design and often boast nautical themes. Look for mirrors featuring ship-wheel designs, starfish or coral accents as additional beachy accents to complete your beachy look.


Coastal Chic interiors tend to be open and uncluttered, highlighting the natural beauty of the sea. Light, neutral colors create an airiness in this style; light khakis, sandy beiges and warm grays work particularly well against its soft blues; additional touches may include aquamarine hues or coral to add extra punch.

Use glass tables or mirrored furniture pieces to reflect light and open up your space, with decor such as seashell jars or baskets filled with seashells or nautical knot sculptures to complete the seaside theme.

Wicker or rattan furnishings are essential in creating the beachy aesthetic, such as table lamps that add nautical charm or chandeliers featuring lantern-style pendant lighting. Decors such as rowboats or oars make lovely wall art or can serve as curtain rods; decorative clocks with nautical themes make great functional art pieces; ship lantern-shaped sconces are another fun touch that add to any room.