Pixel House by The Grid Architects

Pixel House

The Pixel House is located in Ahmedabad, India, and appeared because of the work of The Grid Architects. It was built in 2019 and covers 7303 square feet. As you can easily notice from the images, the design instantly draws the attention of the viewer.

The goal was to create both togetherness and privacy in this large villa. It is owned by an extended family that covers 3 generations. This includes 3 couples and 2 children. Because of the inhabitants, the design of the home needed to create enough room for solitude and seclusion, and include shared areas.

Design inspiration, according to the architects, came from the pixel, which is a fundamental part of digital images, thus the name of the home. At the same time, the structure is rooted in nature, with the home emerging from a beautiful natural surrounding as it takes full advantage of form, orientation and views.

The structure that reminds the viewer of a pixel is instantly noticed but it is not the only staple of this design. The main entrance features exposed concrete canopy that is perforated with square cut-outs in various sizes. Then, on the inside you can see many places that feature natural beauty.

On the whole, the structure of the Pixel house is extroverted due to its boldness but it is also introverted because of the interior design options chosen.

Photographs: Photographix India