Ronda Ruby Ceramics

Ronda Ruby Ceramics is the brainchild of Ronda Ruby Dibbern, who in 2010 basically turned her passion for ceramics into an interesting lighting business. She creates original lamps that are handcrafted. Every single one is unique and special. As you will notice from the pictures below, many of them would fit perfectly in various bedrooms or even in living rooms. You do not even need to turn them on in order to showcase their beauty.

As you can see from the Ronda Ruby Ceramics shop page, prices do vary from $100 to over $300. You will find something that you truly love and that goes well with the interior design you want to create. That is a certainty. 

Some pictures you might like:

ronda ruby ceramics 01 ronda ruby ceramics 02 ronda ruby ceramics 03 ronda ruby ceramics 04