Scandi Bathroom Design Inspiration

Scandi bathrooms typically feature light colors and clean lines. When selecting your paint color for your bathroom fixtures such as bathtub and toilet, opt for one in either white or gray that complements them well.

Natural materials are key in creating a Scandinavian bathroom. Look for wooden tones that evoke nature while emphasizing its minimalist aesthetic.

Try opting for natural-inspired storage solutions such as this wooden stool which serves double duty as both seat and ladder for towels.

Wooden vanities

Wood is an integral component of Scandinavian bathrooms, from natural plank walls to sleek wooden vanities. Choose light-stained or painted wood finishes in keeping with this style’s light color palette, and opt for fixtures with simple curves for an informal aesthetic.

Tiles are another integral element of Scandi bathroom ideas, and white and gray tiles are an iconic option for this aesthetic. However, for something different try opting for earthy browns and tans or muted blues and greens as an added splash of contrast.

Pattern is another simple way to bring Scandinavian style into the room, but be wary not to overdo it. Consider small-scale patterns on textiles (such as this bath mat from Urban Outfitters ) or ceramic accessories like this bathroom design that features a coordinated tile covering its vanity countertop and floor area.

Natural materials

Scandi-style bathrooms incorporate natural materials into their design in many forms: wood accents, towels and baskets are just some examples. By including natural elements in a bathroom space, Scandi promotes its hygge philosophy while creating a soothing ambiance perfect for relaxing after an exhausting day.

Scandinavian-style bathroom furniture features functional yet sleek lines for maximum functionality and organization. Cubbies or cabinets built into walls may help reduce clutter and keep things organized without taking up too much floor space while floating shelves provide extra storage solutions while maintaining a streamlined appearance.

Lighting is another essential element of the Scandi-style bathroom. Large windows should maximize sunlight entering and light up the space for an inviting ambiance, while layering lighting with task, ambient, and decorative lamps is recommended to prevent it from becoming overly bright or stark.

Textured tiles

No matter if it be white subway tiles around your tub or textured squares in your shower floor, adding a unique tile pattern to any Scandi bathroom is a surefire way of upping its style quotient. Design firm Arent & Pyke used a chevron pattern here for added personality and interest – perfect for creating an eye-catching environment in this pristine bathroom space!

If you prefer more classic bathroom decor, go for hardwood floors with wide-grained finishes and natural colors such as maple, oak or birch – durable options that add warmth against white walls and ceramicware.

Add color without deviating from the clean lines that define a Scandi look by adding subtle pastel accessories. Chango & Co. used peach tile and blue-green granite slab to create this serene powder room, while Samantha Gluck placed a soft rug into an empty corner to bring warmth.

Minimal accessories

Scandi-style decor aims to evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation. A streamlined color scheme, natural materials such as stoneware or timber flooring and an uncluttered minimalistic aesthetic are key components of this bathroom style.

Minimal accessories can help achieve this effect as well. Consider ceramic pieces like toothbrush holders, decorative trays or even mini vases made of ceramic with rustic glaze finishes that evoke handmade quality; select items to complement your overall color palette, purchasing from small makers if possible.

Scandinavian bathrooms often combine contrasted textures, such as wood and concrete, for an eye-catching effect. Studio Life/Style created this bathroom, featuring a floating vanity covered in white wood slats that elevates its minimalist style, while dark grout on white tile adds just the right touch of contrast without feeling overwhelming and depressing. To further bring nature into your space and enhance relaxation in the bath space, incorporating potted plants such as this fern from Ferm Living into the mix – adding color, natural flair, color, and natural flair into your space!