Soleta Houses – Forget About Foundation And Electricity Bills

Soleta houses (full name Soleta zeroEnergy) are simply put incredible. They are innovative and highlight what you can do when you combine knowledge with a little bit of imagination. These homes:

  • Do not have a foundation
  • Do not force you to pay an utility bill
  • Can be fitted with your desired accessories
  • Have a really elegant design
  • Can be built in 2 months and placed anywhere you want

soleta exterior soleta exterior 02

A fully functional model can be visited in Bucharest, Romania. If you cannot visit it yourself, you will want to visit the official website. Look at the pictures and see what the big fuss is all about. Soleta might very well be the wooden based home of the future, perfect for cabins and even for busy cities since the foundation is eliminated. You can place the home wherever you want.


At first glance, you will be a little surprised by the design. From the outside the house does look a little weird but that is only because we are normally used to a regular house design. This home looks more like the roof part of a regular home but do not let the looks deceive you. What is inside is truly interesting.

soleta interior soleta interior 02

You can have the Soleta home shipped to any country you want. There are many options that are available and the one in the pictures is basically the smallest one that you can buy.

Check out these extra pictures. We are sure you will love them!

soleta 01 soleta 02 soleta 03 soleta 04 soleta 06