Southwestern Style – Earthy Tones and Desert Accents

Homeowners typically associate Southwestern style with elements like woven baskets, bull skulls and cow skin rugs. Although adding these pieces can add flair and depth to any room decor, overusing these elements could quickly become distracting and outdated.

To avoid this situation, focus on integrating one or two key elements of this style into your space. Here are some tips to get you started:

Earthy Tones

Utilizing earthy tones such as clay red, desert orange, and cactus green is one of the easiest ways to add a southwest feel to any space. Incorporating blue turquoise or other natural hues from landscapes within the Southwest also works well with this design style.

Textures that resemble woven fabrics, leather, and wood are popular among those interested in this design style. Wallpaper that mimics these materials may be an excellent solution when decorating temporary living spaces like apartments or condos that you rent out temporarily.

Natural Materials

Though 1980s Southwestern style may have been too bold for your home, modern versions are more subtle and classic. Use materials inspired by desert landscape such as natural fabrics like woven textiles and leather furniture; natural colors like terra-cotta, turquoise and the deep reds associated with desert are key as well.

One approach to creating this theme is with wall decorations that feature Southwest-themed art or mirrors of various sizes or shapes; other possibilities could include using rugs and blankets with these hues as these add color without needing more traditional items for decor.


Sheepskin adds texture to any room when combined with classic Southwestern elements like rugs, throw pillows, accent chairs or accent chairs. Plus it fits right in with modern minimalist furniture too!

Terracotta and brown tones are popularly employed in Southwestern design as they evoke the desert environment that Indigenous tribes and early settlers depended upon for survival. But their use should never become overwhelming; to achieve harmony it’s important to balance them out with vibrant greens, fiery oranges, and turquoise hues.

While there may be debate regarding which elements define Southwestern style more heavily – Native American or Cowboy and Mexican influences?- this style encompasses all three cultures. Influenced by the Navajo tribe as well as Spanish and American settlers have all combined into creating this vibrant blend that defines Southwestern decor today – becoming a way for individuals to express themselves through home decor selections.

Native American Influence

Southwestern design is an exciting combination of indigenous history, culture and textile art with Spanish colonial architecture and the iconic American West. To capture its spirit look for items like Navajo-inspired woven blankets, leather furniture and seating pieces with rustic wooden accents such as tables or chairs in rustic wood tones; desert plants like cacti are all hallmarks of authenticity!

Woven baskets are an integral component of Southwestern style, often constructed out of straw or reed for texture and warmth. Decor features that include Native American patterns are another great way to give your home an authentic Southwestern aesthetic; their historical significance only adds further charm.

Artwork like unframed pottery, reed-based tapestries and tribal prints is popular in Southwestern style decor. Additionally, decor elements may include Navajo blankets as well as thick round ceilings with thick masonry or stucco walls – elements which add another level of depth and interest.