Storage Tricks For Your Kitchen

When you find yourself keeping all of your utensils all around your kitchen, you should be thinking of cleaning the clutter in the kitchen by organizing yourself and take advantage of some really easy to follow tricks that will make your kitchen more organized.

  1. Narrow-Minded

It is a really great way to organize the space between your fridge and the wall. There will usually be a small space between your wall and the fridge and you can organize it in order to keep some canned goods there.

  1. Hollow Island

This addition to your kitchen will look like an average island, but you will have some additional storage space added to it. You can easily add your cooking books here or why not the holiday accessories that you don`t usually use during the year.

  1. Display

Displaying your platters will make you save some space and it will double as a wall art.

  1. Baskets

Another great way of making some space in your kitchen is to add baskets. These bins are easy to grab and you can easily add goods at the top of your shelf

  1. Sink space

If you have some nearby cabinets, you can add scrubbers and sponges there in order to regain your sink space. You can also take advantage of the desk organizers hung on the side of the cabinets.

  1. Hang out

You can hang your jars under the shelves in order to easily access them.

  1. Plastic Bag Holder

Usually the grocery store bags tend to clutter the space. You can easily stuff all of them in an empty tissue box for a really easy and compact solution.

  1. Going vertical

A shipping pallet is a great idea to make some storage space for your house. You can store bottles in small shelves, metallic strips for your knives and even looks for your other kitchen utensils.

  1. Forgotten spaces

The side of a lower cabinet is always a perfect spot for storing big items that are usually annoying to store. You can store here your cutting boards and even colanders.

  1. Better bench

You can choose a bench that has double duty with storage under the seats and as a place to enjoy your breakfast. Another great thing about this bench is the fact that it will take less space than dining chairs.

  1. Cabinet doors

You can hung here all of your utensils that you frequently use. You can choose to hang here spoons or cups that you use for measuring purposes. You will save a lot of your space by doing so.

  1. Tilts

You can create a special spot for a sponge in your fake drawer fronts under the sink.

  1. Pot lids

The pot lids are usually pretty annoying to store and this is why you can think of a different place to store them. You can simply add a tension rod that will hold all of the pot lids in place. The best thing about this is the fact that you will organize them better.