The Best Furniture For Game Rooms

Furniture that meets all these criteria for game rooms should combine comfort, convenience and beautiful design. Look out for features such as lockable casters on heavy tables and lightweight chairs that can be moved easily to rearrange seating as needed.

@visionswithvic’s family game room features oversized dice, an amusing sign, and numbered storage bins to add arcade-inspired flair. A comfortable floor lounge chair with plain pink upholstery perfectly completes this setting.

Comfortable Seating

If your game room also serves as a family space, include cozy seating and plenty of storage for both board games and video entertainment. Designer Jennifer Gardner suggests adding trunks, cabinets and coffee tables for organization in this type of setup.

Home bars provide an elegant atmosphere to elevate the gaming experience, transforming into mini lounges with their barstools, counter and cupboard storage space.

Ergonomic gaming chairs can help combat back pain caused by extended sitting while gaming by providing features like adjustable lumbar support and tilting seat height adjustment.

Game Tables

Game tables provide endless entertainment and style in any room they’re placed in, whether for friends and family or yourself. Choose among options tailored specifically towards pool, ping-pong, shuffleboard and foosball games to find one that best meets your needs.

Combination tables, like the Dresden Board Gaming Dining Table, offer multiple games in a single design. These versatile pieces can easily fit into living room-dining room combo spaces while matching most home decor styles.

When designing your bar-style game room, consider opting for a modern aesthetic combining leather and brick materials; or for an understated family vibe, invest in comfortable seating with ample storage solutions.

Game Consoles

Gaming room furniture can make all the difference for any gamer’s experience, enhancing both efficiency and interest in playing while creating an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.

Interior designer Tessa Kluetz Pernell from TKP Design suggests adding a snack and beverage station for maximum crowd appeal. She suggests equipping it with a counter, chairs, and mini refrigerator to further ease entertaining needs.

Personal touches like family photos and sports memorabilia make your game room truly your own. Themes also add character – whether that means creating a pool bar atmosphere or an elegant monochromatic space.

TV Stands

In any game room, a TV stand or entertainment center must be present to store both media devices and the screen. These pieces often come equipped with shelves and cabinets for storage purposes as well as holes for cord management in their back panels.

For a modern aesthetic, choose a console TV stand – an elongated table designed to house the screen while offering storage shelves below – or consider an armoire with doors as another storage solution for digital players and accessories.

Natural TV stands add warmth to living rooms, while black entertainment centers add elegance. Choose between light oak, dark cherry or mahogany as your preferred shades for these furniture pieces.


Ottomans add charm to living room designs with their comfortable seating that fits one or two people comfortably. Plus, storage models allow you to stash extra pillows, blankets and board games when not in use!

Ottomans come in all sorts of colors and patterns, catering to a range of design styles ranging from the more formal tufted traditional style to casual options with brightly-hued cushions.

Ottomans were originally popular in Turkey, where they were traditionally filled with cushions. Since they’ve made their way over into Europe, these freestanding seats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with legs or hollow centers for hidden storage space; some feature decorative stitching while others boast button tufting for an added decorative touch.

Media Consoles

Gaming doesn’t just happen inside the virtual realm – its environment has an effect as well, influencing both its efficiency and enjoyment. Utilizing dual-purpose furniture such as media consoles that also function as TV stands will create an enhanced gaming experience.

No matter the style or design you prefer for your game room, personal touches like family photos and decorations will help it feel more welcoming and personalized. Consider incorporating an overall theme like a glamorous social club or 50’s diner for added depth of decor.

Entertainment Piers

An entertainment pier is essential to creating the ideal game room experience, serving as both storage for media and accessories while adding an eye-catching design element.

If your game room serves as both living and gaming spaces, add personal touches that make the space feel cozy and welcoming. Framed family photos or sports memorabilia are excellent ways of adding personality and making an inviting ambiance in this type of area.

Kluetz Pernell advocates multipurpose furniture as an excellent way to create a functional yet appealing game room design, including tables with dual purposes like those that accommodate billiards and table tennis, or classic options like foosball and shuffleboard that will draw in guests.