The Best Furniture For Home Bars

No matter your level of experience in mixology or sommelier, having a dedicated home bar can add even more enjoyment to cocktail hour. Furniture designed specifically for home bars should both look good and be functional – here are our recommendations on the top home bars available today.

Mark Simmons Interiors created this home bar concept using glass shelving and mirrored finishes to open up the space. Their bar cabinet boasts a twelve-class stemware rack as well as enough room for placemats and glasses storage.


Home bars add an eye-catching aesthetic to any room and create the feel of an extravagant retreat within your own home. In this project by BD Home Interiors, the homeowners utilized a dark color palette and unique wallpaper to separate their home bar area and set it apart from the rest of their space.

Selecting furniture that both complements and improves the functionality and aesthetic of a home bar space is paramount to making it inviting and functional. Look for cabinets with plenty of storage for glasses, bottles and mixers as well as extra features like back bar mirrors or wine racks.

If you prefer more mobility, a bar cart may be the ideal solution. My 100-Year-Old Home has designed one such home bar made out of an aged chest of drawers as its foundation, topped by a tray holding glasses, mixers and bottles as well as an inviting table lamp for casual home entertainment space.


Home bars require sufficient storage to house all of the bottles and barware that will be necessary to serve guests, and cabinets provide an ideal place for this. You’re sure to find pieces that perfectly suit the style of your bar!

Shelves can make any space look impressive by filling them with exquisite glassware or adding decorative items such as flowers, books or fruit bowls. Furthermore, shelves are an excellent solution for small spaces as they can easily be folded away when not required.

Liz Pearce, Hendrick’s Gin’s central US ambassador recommends selecting a cabinet with enough space to store all your alcohol and accessories, along with doors that can conceal clutter while also protecting against spillage. A wooden bar cart may also offer space-saving storage when not needed – an idea to consider as it takes up minimal floor space when needed.


Home bars provide the opportunity to make a bold design statement. From bar carts stocked with drinks to full cabinets with display cases and shelves for displays, home bars can become focal points of interior design. A home bar like this one adds visual interest with an eye-catching chevron backsplash adding visual interest against its dark cabinetry hues.

An Ashley Whitaker collection of cobalt glasses adds flair to this home bar’s deep marine cabinets, while gold hardware and Serge Mouille wall sconces enhance its look further.

Wrap-around bars can become focal points in larger spaces while providing ample storage. In one dining room from ND Studios, an elegant wrap-around bar was cleverly disguised by folding doors; seating and a leather pullout provided seating and workstation space for mixing cocktails and serving drinks, with barware pieces and botanical prints finishing off this home bar look.


Home bars make an elegant statement in any room of the house, be it an entirely separate space, built-in nook or standalone cabinet. When properly equipped, adding extra touches such as wine racks or ambient lighting will take it even further.

When selecting furniture for your home bar, there are various options available ranging from high-quality wood to sleek modern designs. However, you should ensure that its design complements that of your home.

Keep your home bar tidy at all times to ensure fresh drinks, mold- and mildew-free bottles and glasses, and humidified air, as this will further prevent their development. A humidifier may also help increase humidity in the air to combat mold-and-mildew growth on alcohol bottles or bar accessories.