The Top 5 Solar Panel Advantages

Are you wondering if you should invest in solar panels for your home? Not only can these panels improve your home’s value, but they can also save you money. The solar panel benefits don’t end there, either. 

Read on to learn the top 5 solar panel advantages!

1. Get a Lower Energy Bill

Are you tired of getting large bills from your local utility company each month? When it comes to solar panel benefits, saving on your utility bills is a big one. After all, you don’t have any control over how energy rates are determined. 

With rising energy bills, you’ll be happy to know that you’re not relying on the grid. You can cut the costs of your monthly electric bill over the long term. Especially if you live in sunny areas, you’ll be making an energy-efficient change. 

2. State and Federal Incentives Can Save Money

The federal solar tax credit (ITC) lets you deduct money from the installation costs. In fact, you could knock off around 20% of the cost, depending on the year.

Net metering can save money, too. With this process, you actually get credit for contributing power to the grid. In other words, if you create extra power, you can contribute it to the grid and store it for later on.

3. Solar Panel Advantages Include Reduced Carbon Footprint

One of the big solar panel benefits is that you’ll be choosing a renewable energy source — not fossil fuels. You won’t be contributing to carbon dioxide emissions nearly as much as you would with oil or coal.

Solar panel types include monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Work with a solar energy expert to determine which type of panels are right for your home. The experts at Blue Raven Solar are ready to serve you!

4. Add Value to Your Home

Ready to put your home on the market? When you’re weighing the pros and cons of solar panels, know that you can add value to your home with solar panels. Solar energy is a sought-after upgrade on par with a bathroom remodel

Even though the solar panel cost can exceed $10,000, you can recoup the investment in your listing price when you sell.

5. Solar Panel Maintenance is a Breeze

You’ll need to keep your solar panels clean, but significant maintenance doesn’t amount to much more than that. Plus solar panels can last up to 3 decades, so you’ll be reaping their benefits without a replacement expense for a long time!

You may need to swap out an inverter once a decade, but that only amounts to a few times over your system’s lifespan. Every once in a while, you may need new cables, too.

Know the Benefits of Solar Panels

The solar panel advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when you’re mulling over an investment. You’ll cut down your monthly electric bills and love knowing that you’re choosing a sustainable form of energy. On top of that, you’ll increase your property value.

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