Things People Don’t Know About House Flipping

There are countless house flipping shows on TV. Unfortunately, these make flipping a house seem so simple. While there is no way to deny the fact that house flipping is almost always a lot of fun and it can be quite profitable, things are much more complicated than what most people think.


There are countless things that need to be known about house flipping if you want to be successful. We can showcase some of the things that people usually do not know about it, but do remember that others can always be said. Be sure that you only go into house flipping when you actually have the knowledge to do this.

It Often Takes A Lot Of Time To Find A Good House To Flip

Investors and flippers look into so many different real estate markets now. They try to find wonderful properties that can be flipped. You can even find countless companies that are completely dedicated to home flipping. Investment firms do employ scouts to find houses that can be flipped. This means that you often find yourself making countless offers before you are successful. You can end up having to wait for months in order to locate a really good home that will be profitable.

Standard Mortgages Do Not Apply To House Flipping

Online tutorials tell you that you have to secure a mortgage if you want to flip houses. In reality, what you need to get is “hard money”. So many individuals believe that long-term mortgages are more than enough. This is not actually the case. The standard mortgages are priced and structured with long-term financing in mind. The loans that you get need to be meant to help flip houses. Investors and hard money lenders focus on projects, not on credit amounts. It is much easier to qualify for the hard money loan in the event that the flip you want meets some criteria.

House Flipping Involves Math

If you want to apply for a project loan, you have to be ready to explain after repair value (ARV). It does not matter if you have a wonderful vision for a project but investors are really strict about the flipping’s bottom line. The flip project needs to show investors that specific numbers apply or no deal will be in place.

Flipping Is All About Timing

Hard money loans tend to have a 1-year or 6-month end-date. After this period passes, penalty interests will incur. Expensive surprises will be prevented if you just work with an attorney to review the contract. It is really common to be faced with unexpected construction problems or permits you cannot get for a long period of time. Before a short maturity mortgage is signed, you have to be aware of all the timings involved. There are areas where you need to wait 6 months to get a permit. This can destroy a large part of the flipping project.

Always Think About What The Home Buyer Wants

Neutral palettes are often appreciated by buyers but this is not always the case with a flipped market house. Every single flipped home will be different so you have to think exactly about what buyers want. If you want to flip homes, you want to create a good experience for the buyer.