Tips for Decorating With Accent Chairs

Accent chairs add style and class to your living space, but how can you decorate them? It starts by choosing an area which satisfies both aesthetically and practically.

Accent chairs offer endless decorating possibilities; whether it’s adding some flair to a corner or creating a reading nook, they come in all forms and can transform the way we live today. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Choose a different fabric than your sofa

Adding a pop of colour in an accent chair can elevate any space and add visual interest to it. Start by evaluating your room’s existing colour palette. If there are repeated hues throughout draperies, area rugs, throw pillows and plants then selecting an accent chair that matches but has a lighter or darker shade will ensure it fits seamlessly into the scheme without being overpoweringly loud.

Opting for a chair covered with contrasting fabric is another effective way to make an accent chair stand out in any room, especially if you want to incorporate patterns into your scheme; these patterned chairs provide the opportunity to test new ideas before adopting them in larger doses throughout your space.

Finding an upholstery fabric that will withstand family life is the key to finding something suitable. Leather and microfiber are both hardwearing fabrics with great looks that are also easy to keep clean.

Create a reading corner

Accent chairs can make a stylish and inviting statement in any living room, whether as part of a sofa, loveseat, or standalone piece. Create an intimate reading nook around one by placing it near the window with soft throw blankets and plush pillows surrounding it for optimal reading comfort.

Establishing the ideal environment for reading can foster children’s creativity by immersing them in literary universes that invite interaction with books they read. They can imagine characters and scenarios from pages they have read as they act out stories or dramatize them; all of this helps develop problem solving abilities.

Consider adding a theme to your reading corner to make it more inviting and comfortable for children. Decor related to that theme – such as posters or cushions with matching prints – can tie everything together. Furthermore, using child-friendly bookcases will make accessing books much simpler for students and encourage independence and self-reliance in them. This approach makes the corner more accessible as well as encouraging independence.

Add a feature wall

When it comes to adding color or pattern, large-scale pieces like your sofa, drapes, or area rug tend to provide the greatest impact. But for a lighter touch or introduction of color or pattern in an accent chair setting is often ideal – just be sure to select one with patterns that enhance rather than overshadow its form.

Chair colors don’t have to blend seamlessly into a room’s color palette, but should either complement or stand out from what already exists in the furniture. This will make the chair an eye-catcher, drawing everyone’s focus towards it.

Make sure that any built-ins around the chair, like a fireplace lounge or pass-through, match its hue in order to complete the room’s aesthetic. Comfort always wins out over beauty when it comes to choosing seating you will actually use, which makes an armchair the ideal seating solution in most homes.

Keep it simple

Decorating with accent chairs can be easy to get carried away with, but keep this in mind: Kelly states they must serve their intended purpose while fitting in with other furniture in the room.

When creating a reading nook with an accent chair, make sure not to block the fireplace, windows, cabinets or blockage any pathways with it. Be mindful of positioning it directly in line of sight from the entrance as this will draw the eye and create an eye-catching focal point.

Consider also the chair’s leg style when purchasing an accent chair. Although seemingly minor, this detail can greatly influence its visual impact: tapered legs can lend modernity while block or trumpet-style legs add vintage charm. When decorating with accent chairs, leg styles play an integral part in bringing them to life – beyond its color!