What Are the Benefits of Indoor Houseplants?

Indoor houseplants are having a moment. In 2020 Australians bought over 2.2 billion plants for their homes. 

Not only do plants look cute in your interior photos, but they have numerous benefits for your health. 

You may not think you have green fingers, but did you know that many houseplants survive best on neglect! One of the most common reasons houseplants die is overwatering. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of plants? Then keep on reading.

Indoor Houseplants Purify the Air

One of the best reasons to buy a plant is to make your home a cleaner place. Yes, that’s right, a plant can heal your home without you even noticing!

Extensive research shows that plants are fantastic for purifying the air and removing harmful substances from it.

This famous study by NASA concludes that plants can turn harmful chemicals in the air into new plant flesh over time. So if you live somewhere with bad air quality, a few houseplants can help you breathe fresher air. 

The best houseplants for air purification are the peace lily, devil’s ivy, and spider plants. Growing aloe vera indoors is another fantastic way to clean the air in your environment. 

Plants Have Mental Health Benefits

Plants can bring immediate calm to a space. We all know that being in nature is good for our well-being.

Being immersed in the natural world helps us gain perspective and reduces our cortisol levels. This helps to reduce stress and helps us feel more grounded and connected to our environment. 

When we bring plants into our homes, it helps us stay in touch with nature and reduce anxiety and stress levels. 

Indoor plants can also help you to stay focused and creative. If you feel a lull in your productivity, take a look at the magical creation of a plant, and you will feel inspired. 

No specific type of plant is beneficial to your mental health as, in fact, all plants can improve your mental wellbeing. 

Caring for your plants and watching new plants grow is also a very therapeutic experience. 

Plants Help You Breathe

We talked about plants filtering out the harmful elements from the air in your home. But want to know more about the good they do? 

When plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they photosynthesis it along with sunlight and water, the waste product from this process is oxygen. 

So the more plants you have in your home, the more clean oxygen you will have to breathe. 

Can Help With Allergies 

Did you know that plants can help you if you have allergies? You may associate plants with being a trigger for your allergies, but in fact, many indoor plants can help relieve them. 

Indoor plants act as a natural humidifier, releasing moisture into the air. They also absorb substances such as formaldehyde which can be a trigger for allergies.  

You Can Eat Them

Ever been cooking, and your recipe requires fresh basil, fresh mint, or fresh chillis? If you grow your own, you’ll never run out of these essential ingredients. 

All these plants are easy to grow at home, and all they need is regular watering to stay in good condition. 

Indoor Plants Are A Stylish Addition to Your Home 

Want a quick way to make your house a home? Add a few indoor plants. They are a simple way to make your space look stylish. 

Plants are the perfect way to create a cozy and stylish feel in a room. You can use plants with a rigid structure like snake plants to add depth to a space. You can use a plant with flowing leaves like ivy to add some softness. 

Try to put plants in every room of your home to reap the maximum benefits. 

Best plants for your home

So now you know all about plant benefits, what about the best indoor plants?

If you are new to house plants, you’ll probably want something very low maintenance. Here are some great options for beginners: 

A Snake Plant

This is one of the easiest plants to take care of. It thrives on neglect! It doesn’t need any direct light and can survive a few weeks without water. 

Snake plants are also pretty dramatic and can grow several meters tall. Perfect if you want something to give some character to a corner of a dull room. 


Probably the easiest of all the house plants, cacti need very little care. From time to time you should give them a little water, and that’s about it! 

Aloe Vera 

Another easy one to take care of, the aloe vera plant thrives in a bright place without direct sunlight. A windowsill that doesn’t get the direct sun is perfect. 

One of the only things that can go wrong with aloe vera is overwatering. You want to make sure the soil is dry between watering. This should be about once a week in summer, maybe longer in winter. 


This beautiful tree is native to South America and can be found in most self-respecting plant addicts’ collections. 

It is super easy to take care of and only needs watering about twice a month. You don’t need to place it in sunlight; it just needs to be somewhere bright. It won’t thrive in a room that doesn’t get any natural light. 

Start Your Plant Obsession 

When you buy your first plant, it is usually the start of a lifelong love affair. You’ll soon start to reap the benefits of indoor houseplants and want to add more and more to your collection. 

Plants bring you joy, tranquillity, focus, and beautiful clean air to breathe. What’s not to love about them? Get out and buy your first plant already!

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