11 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

If your kitchen is small you can take these ideas into consideration so the storage space will increase and you will use it more efficiently. If you have a small kitchen you probably already know that there is pretty hard to keep organized. These ideas will help you maximize your space in order to create a better kitchen.

  1. Optimize your pantry

Organizing your groceries is a great idea to keep in mind when you have a small kitchen. First of all you will need to keep a rotation of your cereals, spices and dry goods. If you keep everything in order you won`t add clutter to your shelves.

  1. Open shelves

They are a trend in the kitchen industry right now and they will help you opening a cramped space.

  1. Maximize your storage

You can add some dowel rods to your shelves or cabinets. It is an easy thing to do and it won`t require you a lot of knowledge to do so.

  1. Clear food storage

If you choose these clear food storages, you will manage to identify your dry goods pretty easily. You won`t have to rummage through cramped and cluttered cabinets and you will see that all of your goods will be accessible.

  1. Leave no space unused

Make sure to use all of the space in your kitchen. You can store knickknacks or sponges in a tilt-down drawer next to your sink. This way it will be easier to get exactly what you need.

  1. Light colored kitchen

Light colors will be a great way to open your space. You can choose any accessories, wall art and carpets to color your kitchen.

  1. Recycling Station

You can create a recycling station in your kitchen by adding a few items such as cans for foods and baskets for paper. You will have to think of a special place for this station in order to save some space.

  1. Use the closet

Add wall hangers here because they will keep everything in place. This way you will manage to save some additional space in your kitchen.

  1. Vertical space

Don`t forget to take advantage of the vertical space. You can hang pierced corbels because they usually take a lot of your space. You can do the same with different kitchen utensils that will crowd your drawer space. Cabinet doors are also a nice way to display your serving ware.

  1. Super Cabinet

This kitchen drawer is a great way to store a lot of your goods. You can store different things because it will have pull-out drawers and also racks. You can pack all of your pantry items pretty easy and they will occupy only a friction of the space they would normally take.

  1. Find other storage places

If you have a small kitchen, you can store your things in other rooms. If you do so, you will move some of the clutter away. Entertaining pieces and barware can be moved in your living room that has a custom cabinetry.