Trendy Color Schemes for Modern Kitchens

Color can dramatically alter a space. Warm red hues can wake you up and make your mouth water, while soothing blues and greens provide comforting solace and can spark creativity and enthusiasm.

Earthy hues like olive green and tan brown are timeless kitchen colors for modern designs. Here, thecrossdesign has combined blue paint with tan cabinets for a soothing kitchen space design.

Blue and Orange

Your kitchen’s color scheme can have a significant effect on its atmosphere and feel. Warm “advancing” hues like yellows and reds can energise, while cooler “receding” colors like blues and greens may help relax and refresh your cooking space.

Muted or neutral colors help minimize visual clutter in small kitchens, while brighter hues such as turquoise or lime green offer a vibrant and fresh aesthetic.

Earthy tones have become popular this year, including rich caramel and clay hues. This color scheme goes well with natural elements such as natural wood accents such as this subdued gray wall paneling seen here in this modern kitchen.

Reddish orange tones can create an energetic kitchen space, yet too much tangerine or poppiest colors should be avoided for optimal results. Instead, pairing this eye-catching color scheme with white walls, chrome fixtures and wooden accents for a balanced appearance is best achieved. brennanarch’s kitchen showcases how paint color choices can have an immense effect.

Cherry Wood and Olive Green

After years of white kitchen cabinets, many homeowners may be ready for something a bit bolder in their cabinets. Instead of opting for stark white softened by gray hues, cherry wood cabinets could pair beautifully with warm shades such as green or olive – though one closer to muted sage may work even better in most spaces!

Yellow is another natural shade that pairs beautifully with brown, from sunny gold to mustard to lemon. It draws attention to interesting grain patterns in cherry wood while adding an eye-catching splash of color into rooms where people gather.

Pink hues blend beautifully with olive, from light bubblegum shades to stunning fuchsia tones. Try playing around with an accent wall or adding red accents such as flooring, window treatments or furniture pieces – as long as the 70/20/10 rule is observed when choosing your palette; remembering that most rooms should contain neutral tones with just 10% reserved for bold accents or dramatic hues.

Pink and Green

Pink was long associated with girly decor, yet its use as an elegant kitchen color has made a comeback in modern kitchens. While pale hues of this shade may be easy to work with and universally flattering, hotter hues add flair and character.

Achieve an unflappably feminine kitchen color scheme without it feeling saccharine by pairing pale pink walls with creamy neutrals like white or cream. The soft palette creates an ideal base that complements an array of kitchen accent colors and finishes.

Alternately, paint kitchen cabinets a luscious plaster pink for an eye-catching statement look. Celerie Kemble used this hue in this kitchen designed by her to complement its wood tone appliances and chrome hardware; its combination with the cool tones of blue cabinetry adds dimension to this vibrant space.

Green and White

If you want your kitchen to exude modern sophistication, try incorporating rich green and white colors. This color combination works best when using bold hues of green that don’t overwhelm your space; crisp white helps reduce intensity.

An elegant kitchen features vibrant teal hues tempered by black to keep it from looking too Florida-y or whimsical, as is this refreshing spearmint paint color combined with laquered black barstools and cabinet pulls for a striking glam aesthetic.

Orange and red can work well in modern kitchens if their shades are muted; vibrant red hues should only be used sparingly or combined with neutral elements like gray and brown wood elements for an appealing appearance. Darker greens with natural wood accents also make a statement in any earth-inspired kitchen design scheme, exuding healthiness while connecting you to nature, making an excellent combination with wooden elements.