18TH Century French Chateau Transformed Into Boutique Hotel

Chateau De Gudanes was bought by an Australian couple in 2013 and work started to transform it into a chic boutique hotel, with a specific charm and appeal. This is a stunning eighteenth century property located in Southern France. With the first guests being welcomed in 2017, we should look at something that is quite different than what we normally expect from reconstructions.

This French chateau finished building in 1750. Many things happened to it and when the couple (Craig and Karina Waters) from Perth bought it, the castle was crumbling. Karina said about the rooms:

“Most were inaccessible because there were no ceilings or floors”

It is enough to say that 500 tons of rubble were removed from this castle. Rebuilding walls was done with the official permission of France’s Historic Monuments authority. Changes still wait approval right now. Basically, this chateau is still work in progress.

2017 will welcome the very first guests for this new boutique hotel, in a castle that is not restored as you would expect it to be restored. The focus is basically put on an experience that is truly unique. You can actually go there, help continue the restoration process and take full advantage of the wonderful location. Here is a presentation video about it:

The castle has a beautiful charm that cannot be put in words. Everything is minimalistic, not rebuilt as people are used to. The result is something that can only be described as being: DIFFERENT.