Elements Of A Modern Kitchen

The design for a kitchen is more complex and complicated than for any other room in the house, because besides aspect, it also involves functionality. Depending on the space that we have, the number of people using it and how often it is used, the kitchen can become an ideal space for cooking with pleasure and having dinner with the entire family in complete harmony.

modern contemporary kitchen design

It is important for the kitchen to become roomy, even if the space that we have is not very big. The furniture must be adapted to the dimensions of the room, the floor must be easy to clean and non-slippery, and the working areas must be well lit and equipped.

If we have an open space kitchen, it needs to be in harmony with the rest of the space and equipped with a powerful hood to stop the spreading of the smell in the entire house. In the kitchen, the tile is old fashioned and it can be replaced with many other modern materials more comfortable and easier to clean, such as MDF, secured glass that can be transparent or colored, mosaic, stone and many others.


In the present, a kitchen doesn’t represent an uncomfortable, small place anymore. Due to modern accessories, materials and textures, technology and new ideas that evolve very fast, the kitchen transformed into a pleasant space where we like spending as much time as possible. This is why, we need to make sure that the room is comfortable enough and meets all of our requirements. The main purpose of a functional kitchen is to make our lives easier. However, it can take a lot of time and energy to come up with the best formula that can incorporate both functionality and beauty. Luckily, this thing is not impossible and there are many ideas that can help you transform your kitchen into a multifunctional room.

Now that we talked about the quick transformations of a kitchen and the demands that people are looking for, here’s a few ideas that can help you change your kitchen and make it look more modern:

Simple and useful

simple and useful modern kitchen

A modern kitchen needs to be practical in the first place; this means that it should offer you enough space to move around and do more things at the same time. The simple ideas for a modern kitchen are handy for most of us and the first element that we should start with is the furniture. The furniture in a modern kitchen can be made of straight lines, minimalists, without too many decorative elements. This way, you will know for sure that the model you chose will not get old fashioned too soon and you will be able to match it with the rest of the kitchen fairly easy.

For an option that doesn’t involve a lot of money, choose a firm that will build your furniture according to the sizes of the room in order to create a shape that helps you use the entire space at full capacity. The MFC might not be the most attractive material, but it is cheap and it resists during time.

A modern kitchen also concentrates on lights that will help with the usage of geometrical forms that give a special effect to the entire room. You might want to listen to a specialist’s advice that will guide you and make a correct scheme for a proper lit.

Other two essential elements for a modern kitchen are order and cleaning. The fewer accessories, the better. It will help you maintain order for a longer time. As for cleaning, a mini vacuum comes very handy when you want to clean the dust and crumbs that gather every day.

A colorful vision

colorful Modern Kitchen

In a modern kitchen the colors play a very important role. Match the walls, the furniture and everything else. You can go with different nuances of the same colors, or you can use combinations of different colors (the recipe is to use one dominant color and two complementary colors).

Accessories are also essential in a modern kitchen and you need to match them with the rest of the room. Choose simple curtains, without too many decors; the carpets isn’t something necessary, but if you really want to have one, choose a natural material, in a complementary color with the furniture.

What about white?

white modern kitchen

White doesn’t get dirtier than other colors in the kitchen and the most important thing is that when you cook or have dinner, a bright and warm place is always pleasant to spend time in. It doubles the effect when the dining room is in the same room with the kitchen.

A lot of white, combined with black and natural wood, pointed by points of colors (such as flowers, lamps or accessories) means an open space that will make you want to stay have a desert and a nice conversation.

Are there any rules?

modern kitchen

The only rule of the modern design is that there are no rules to be respected. This applies to modern kitchens as well. However, if you want to combine a classic kitchen with modern elements, choose beige, light green or red colors. This freedom to choose whatever you like offers you the possibility to create a focal point, such as a table with colorful chairs. It can basically be anything that catches the eye of the viewer and makes the atmosphere more beautiful.

The sink has a very important role, though. Sophisticated sinks are a trend and obviously, a modern kitchen should include metal objects. You can introduce steel elements like fridge and microwave.

Whatever style you choose, the only thing that matters is the atmosphere. The kitchen needs to reflect the personality of the owner. So if there is one rule when it comes to modern design in a kitchen, I would say that the only thing that matters is to take your time, analyze all the aspects, look up for different ideas and then choose a style that fits you the best.