5 Tips To Help You Turn The Guest Room Into A True Paradise

If you want to have guests and your guest room is not up to par with expectations, it is time to make changes. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to turn that extra room into a true paradise.


Usually, the guest bedroom is not at all considered when it comes to decorations and renovations. Do not make this mistake since the guest room can be quite incredible. All you really have to do is plan some changes. Here are some clear tips to help you turn that guest room into an incredible paradise.

Use Beach House Tones

Image From: K Sarah Designs

Whenever thinking about a retreat, we often think about a beach house. We end up feeling cozy and warm when we think about beach houses so why not make this a thing? Add some beach house tones in your guest room. Then, add extra fun decorative items on the wall to showcase beach vibes. Be sure that you consider sand hues and bits of nudes for an ocean-like aesthetic.

Use Floral Wallpapers

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After you decided to spruce up the room, the wallpaper is often one of the first considerations since it can make a really huge difference. It is going to add texture, a bold element that can easily be a focal point and color. The floral wallpaper is the natural next step to get a highlight. Bold hues help emphasize beauty.

Add Extra Storage

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When you have a guest, especially when there is luggage involved, having enough room available to place belongings is definitely important. You can thus always add some storage to the guest room so that the space ends up feeling a lot more organized. At the same time, guests can add their items somewhere else except in their way.

Consider All The Parts Of The Room

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When the guest room is small, it is hard to make it feel more like a retreat than a closet. However, this is not at all difficult if you just fully take advantage of everything that the room offers. This practically means that if there is space for a window seat, you can easily add one. When extra seating room is available, put it in. The room should be filed. You just need to be sure that you do not end up feeling that the space is cluttered. Only add items to the guest room if there is a reason for that.

As an example, add a beautiful cozy blanket and some fun pillows in order to make that window seat you just added feel sleep and well put together.

Consider A Neutral Palette

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Soft colors are almost always used in retreats so why not consider them in your guest room? Most of the rooms will make an instant statement with a neutral palette that acts as a room’s main focus. Softer colors like pastels, gray, beige and white are going to put an emphasis on the décor while still adding enchanting softness.