What Can You Do With An Extra Room In Your House?

In most houses there is an extra room that usually nobody cares about. This is a shame since such rooms often end up being storerooms, even if there is much more than enough space for storage available in attics and other parts of the house.


As you go from room to room and you figure out the purpose of each, there is a good possibility that you will come up to one that is simply not used. If this is the case, here are some ideas about what you can do with that extra room you just discovered.

A Guest Room

It does not really matter if you often have guests coming over or this rarely happens, as with a late-night party. It is always great to have a guest room. Add some essentials, like a bed, pillows and sheets. If the spare bed is not available, you can always buy a foldable couch. Even extra mattresses can help.

The extra guest room is perfect for overnight family functions or for unexpected friends.

A Place For Rejuvenation

Take a corner of the spare room and add bright color comfy cushions with a small coffee table. This would instantly become a hugely popular place during weekends. You can use this corner to read a book, grab some coffee, listen to your loved songs or anything that you want to do to relax.

Make sure that you add natural color in such an area to create a proper ambiance. When there is a window, take advantage of it for the natural light you get.

A Home Library

Do you enjoy reading? Do you have a spare room? How about turning it into your personal home library? Do not throw away the books you read or want to read. Hoarding books is never a good idea. Create a mini library with the use of simple decorative shelves. Make the room traditional with the bookshelf you normally expect in a home library or go for something more modern, like a glass closet.

In the event that the budget is large enough, try to do something fancy. You can buy many different shelf styles. Just choose something that matches everything else.

A Child’s Study Room

You can always create a study room for children so that they can easily focus on homework. Having a place where kids can be quiet and enjoy educational activities is always something that is perfect since uninvited guests do not appear and disturb learning.

A Work Room

Turning your extra room into a place where you do work is something that is quite useful for those that have a hobby or for people that just work from home. If you are among those that do work at home, you surely know about the fact that so many distractions exist, like children that play or aromas coming from the kitchen.

Reduce distractions by having a dedicated room for work at home. You just need a few items like a work desk, a computer, a study lamp, a good chair and similar.

A Games Room

The extra room can easily be transformed into a beautiful entertainment spot by just adding cool indoor games. All you have to do is plan out the room and then place some games based on what you want to enjoy. The really common option is the foosball table and you can always go for a pool table if space allows it. The entire family can use the games room, just like the guests can.

If you are an avid video gamer, the games room can become a paradise for all the playing sessions you want. Gaming systems can be added, together with recliners and bean bags for complete entertainment.

A Fitness Room

Going to the gym every single day is something that is not possible for most people. It is also the most common excuse why people do not work out. Having a fitness room at home eliminates this excuse. You can always build a workout room in your extra room. You can just start with the items that you need right away and then keep adding. For instance, you can add a punchbag and a treadmill to start. Then, as you have more money, you keep adding new items, like a good stereo, weights and more.

A Home Theatre

When you cannot decide what to do with the extra room in your house, a home theatre room is always perfect. You just need a good large TV screen, a stereo system, mattresses, couches and similar. There are countless home theatre sets that are available on the market and projectors can also be considered if there are clean walls available. You simply cannot go wrong with the home theatre.