Pre-Rusted Steel Church Design In Madrid

Pre-Rusted Steel Church 9

Most churches out there have similar designs, based on various factors. We rarely see something truly new or revolutionary. That is exactly what we see in this wonderful pre-rusted steel church for a rather small community that is located close to Madrid, Spain.

The design of this lovely church is the work of Vicens + Ramos. Work was commissioned with the purpose of creating the Church Of Santa Monica. We are faced with a linear plan design that maximizes the plot area and a bold result that does inspire and showcases how even churches can become more appealing when taking into account what can be done right now through interior design and architecture.


What instantly stands out is the exterior design. You will not think that this is a church when you look at the building from most angles. That is mainly because of the pre-rusted steel addition sometimes known as Corten. The building thus ends up with a strong red-orange tone. We have curves, we have great interior design and so much more. We particularly liked the black polished granite inside the congregation area because it puts focus on the wonderful white walls.

Enjoy the gallery and remember that this is a church!

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