5 Perfectly Chosen Living Room Rugs

Rugs have many uses in interior design. When talking about the living room, it is really important that you make a good choice. A great rug can make the entire room look stunning, as with the pictures below. A badly chosen rug will create a huge disaster. It is a shame to see so many adding a rug to the living room while only thinking about practical use. Sure, you do not want to slip on the floor and the rug can help but do you really want an ugly rug that ruins the interior design of the living room?

There are so many things that can be said about how to choose a great living room rug. We will write about this in the future but now, let’s focus on some great living room rugs.

living room rug 01
Covering the furniture strategically and creating a perfect geometric division of the room with a rug that complements the interior design, being chosen with the same color as the ceiling.
living room rug 02
In this case it is not necessarily the living room rug that creates that strong impact. It is the table that sits on it.
living room rug 03
Want to add some color? Some rugs can look stunning in such a combination. Once again, notice the color choices and the positioning when compared with the blinds.
living room rug 04
Why not go for some patterns or drawings on the living room rug? The effect is quite interesting.
living room rug 05
The “old style” rugs can look great in some settings. This is an example. This rug would look awful when added to the first two designs presented.