Acrobat Lighting Range by Porcelain Bear Inspired By Acrobats

The Porcelain Bear Acrobat lighting line has exactly the inspiration hinted in the name, acrobats suspended by a trapeze. The company took its inspiration from aerial performances and launched a 4 piece collection combining Bauhaus simple design with the Bird In Space sculpture (by Brancusi) sophistication. The result is 4 highly imaginative fixtures that will surely make you imagine a person that does tricks on high wires.


The 4 lighting features presented in the collection are:

  • Double Act – 2 components are balanced on a trapeze.
  • Back Flip – shoes a 90 degree, curved bend and 2 translucent porcelain shades on the sides.
  • Forward Bend – Similar to the back flip but with a 180 degree metal bar and down extending parallel shades.
  • Flat Bar – the simples in the collection, one bar that extends to the sides.
Porcelain Bear Acrobat Lighting Range – flat bar
Porcelain Bear Acrobat Lighting Range – front flip
Porcelain Bear Acrobat Lighting Range – back flip
Porcelain Bear Acrobat Lighting Range – Double Act

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