2017 Top Design Trends For Luxurious Homes

2017 is here and some design trends do seem to pop up more often than others. Interested in what these hot design trends for luxurious homes are? Read below!


Neutral meets saturated hues

It is said that 2017 is the year of the Greenery. This means that you can also use yellow green shade. This years another trending color are Kale and Hazelnut. Splashy shades are also quite appreciated this year. You can choose those shades to be like Lapis Blue or a vivid jewel tone and a fiery orange.

Greenery is an attention grabbing color and it is used to add pop and contrast to the overall interior. You can strategically add hand-blown glass vases in Greenery to warm the interior.

When it comes to club chairs, furniture and even velvet sofas, cool colors will be a thing in 2017. Another thing you can do is adding lights to the ceiling.

Mixed metals

Antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze and even polished nickel and silver are going to be really popular in 2017. These metals seem to gain a lot of popularity in both industrial and minimalist design. Different accents such as abstract pendants and lamps will give the space a sleek vibe. Mixing metals isn`t a new thing, but people tend to be more creative when doing so. Different finishes such as matte gold and metallic gold will be great choices for you.

Dimensional Textures

Another designer says that in the year 2017 some d├ęcor styles are going to be really popular. He is talking about:

  • Industrial (unfinished woods and raw metals)
  • Scandinavian (sheepskin rugs, linen upholstery)
  • Southwestern (desert plants and cowhide rugs)

You can use a linen sofa with a frame made of natural wood. This sofa will look really great alongside an industrial metallic table with a sheepskin accent textile and a cacti.

Natural charm

When it comes to the first materials for finishes, terracotta and cork probably aren`t the ones you are thinking about. The thing about these materials is that they add stylish and texture to spaces. The thing about terracotta is that it is going to be used with a more natural and matte finish. Cork on a coffee table is going to be a hit in 2017.

Some experts think that in 2017, the Tiki culture and aesthetic will be quite big. Terracotta, cork and beers will play an important role in obtaining the island look.

Modern Minimalism

Minimal living continues to thrive in 2017. We will see a return of the multifunctional storage solutions. An architect in Florida is designing small apartments, with a prefabricated modular storage that moves within the home. It was made especially to optimize space throughout the day. The unit will move on command in order to make a larger living space during the day and moves again to create a larger sleeping space during the night with a bed that slides out.