Alpine Chapel Wirmboden by Innauer-Matt Architects

When it comes to architecture, sometimes simplicity combined with some key elements is all that is needed. This alpine chapel is a statement to that. It only has 6 square meters but it is incredibly special for the local community.

Wirmboden is managed and owned by farmers. It is a vorsab so it is expected to have a chapel or some special space designed for mass celebration. Wirmboden did have one but after an avalanche it was destroyed. Huts had to be rebuilt and when building a new chapel from the ground up, different ideas appeared. The result was much more special than what anyone expected, a symbol much more than an individual idea. This small chapel was designed by Innauer-Matt Architects after discussing with the entire community. It actually took 3 years to build, which is more than you would expect but now the farmers do have where to hold their celebrations and gatherings.


This chapel has a really basic and simple outline. Walls were made out of different stones collected from the area and then used with tamped concrete. This is the local tradition.

There is an opening that allows daylight to go through the roof ridge and even the door is different than you would expect. At first glance this is really simple but if you look carefully, you will surely appreciate what the architects managed to add. The chapel is definitely a wonderful addition that hides a simple perfection behind a simple exterior.