Eco Luxury Plant Covered Paris Hotel By Kengo Kuma

When it comes to luxury we normally do not think eco or many plants but Kengo Kuma & Associates tries to change that with a truly tremendous eco luxury plant covered Paris hotel project that will surely blow your mind. The truth is that such a hotel would be incredible if you could actually deal with all the watering that would be needed and although we are a little skeptic about that, if everything turns out how the renditions show, the result is definitely incredible.

Kengo Kuma wanted to be sure that this hotel will feature a lot of greenery. The hotel is scheduled to appear in the Rive Gauche neighborhood and will feature an exterior with heavy planting, a pretty huge garden right in the middle of the new complex and so much more. The hotel is going to be U shaped and the garden will offer a much needed retreat from the highly trafficked Avenue De France.


In an official statement the studio declared:

“In the dense urban context of the Avenue de France, we felt the need to create a green lung for the city. Nature finds place at the core of the scheme, translated in the intimate public garden where all senses are awoken.”

The garden is definitely what stands out instantly but we have to acknowledge the fact that everything else is really special. All materials chosen look great together, with the eco theme being respected and showcased in full glory. As expected, there will be a lot of wood added but that is not the only thing desired. You can find terraces, a great simplistic and attractive room and much more. Let’s hope this project turns out exactly as envisioned as it would be a breath of fresh air for hotel architecture and eco living.