Amsterdam’s Conservatorium Hotel

The Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel is a really interesting mix of style, ambiance, design and history. Piero Lissoni is the designer that is responsible for what you will see and if you ever go to Amsterdam, we warmly recommend Conservatorium as a really lovely place to stay at.

The hotel appeared in 1897 and was built in the characteristic Neo-Gothic style that was popular then. What is interesting is that the location was initially a bank and it was then transformed. The Swelinck Conservatorium housed 3 music institutes there. After their relocation, The Conservatorium Hotel appeared, after intense remodeling, remodeling that you can see, with quite a welcoming location created.


The building manages to pay homage to its history and still offer a luxurious experience that is perfect for the modern traveler. This includes a really well-chosen palette of colors, materials, fragrances, lighting and texture. To make matters even more interesting, the hotel is located right close to the Amsterdam museum square, Museumplein, the main cultural area of the city.