Caret Studio’s Gridded Social-Distancing System

Caret Studio installed the very-effective StoDistante installation, in a square in Italy, with the purpose of encouraging the proper use of social distancing. The idea is to offer a temporary solution that can reactivate public spaces during the days of COVID-19. StoDistante was installed in Viccho, which is located close to Florence, Italy, in Piazza Giotto.

As you can see, there are markers in the square. These are visual representations of what authorities recommend as the minimum social distance. According to the studio:

“The region of Tuscany established 1.8m as the minimum safe distance to be maintained between people to limit the spread of the virus.”

The white squares were created with the use of removable paint. They were added to the public area’s cobblestone floor in a layout similar to a lattice. When the coronavirus pandemic is finally over, the paint can be removed with ease, even if it is water-resistant. The square quickly gets back to the original configuration.

Caret Studio was founded by Giulio Margheri, Federico Cheloni, and Matteo Chelazzi. They said for Dezeen:

“During these weeks of quarantine, social distancing and its implications have been a very actual topic, and has made us reconsider some of our routines and the way we use the space. StoDistante is a reflection on the new forms of social distancing imposed during the spread of the Covid-19 emergency. The installation is conceived as a platform for citizens to reclaim and reactivate open spaces through the hosting of a series of initiatives as rules are relaxed in the coming weeks.”

The interesting thing is that squares get larger when you get closer to the centre. The gradient style was created to offer different interactions and perspectives at different spots of the piazza.

In Italy, gatherings are banned, at least officially until May 18. Even so, children and adults used this installation in the past days to offer guidance while moving across the piazza. Safety rules start to be relaxed and the StoDistante installation will most likely be used in other locations and for other purposes, like a gym, for church services or for an open air cinema.

What you see in the pictures is the very first installation of the design. However, Caret Studio has high hopes that this will become popular and it will be installed in numerous other public areas in other cities.