The Antilla Tower Mansion – $1 Billion Architectural Masterpiece

Mukesh Ambani is one of the most renowned wealthy business tycoons in India and in the world. His extravagant lifestyle was upgraded once he moved into the Antilla tower mansion. This is a lovely architectural masterpiece that is valued at an incredible $1 billion. The mansion is more like an apartment building than a mansion but what is inside is what makes everything stand out.

Antilla is 400,000 square feet and officially 27 stories high. However, because of the fact we have many double-height ceilings, the actual size of this building is closer to 40 stories (570 feet high). Some of the most impressive things to know about the tower mansion are the following:

  • The entire architectural design is based on sun and lotus.
  • The Ambani family lives right at the top of the structure, in the last 6 floors, which are completely private.
  • There is a home theater capable of accommodating 50 people, a private car service center, 9 elevators (high speed) and a garden roof present.
  • Special recreation areas were created for the staff to be able to relax.
  • There are 3 helipads and an air space floor.
  • In the garage you can store up to 168 cars.
  • In order to maintain the mansion there is a need to have a staff of 600 people.
  • Am atrium can be found in the open garden. By the way, the open garden is 4 stories high and includes a pretty large temple.
  • A ballroom is present with 80% of it being covered with crystal chandeliers.
  • The ice room is where you can get rid of the heat in Mumbai.

Antilla is all about taking many beauties from all around the world, drawing inspiration from them and adding a unique Indian touch. Initially people thought that the mansion would be placed in the slumps but it actually resides at Altamount Road, a highly expensive address known by the rich and powerful. Also, as opposed to other really wealthy families of the world, this is the only residence of the Ambanis.


The tower mansion is quite impressive and it is a lot less extravagant when looking at the interior design than what other billionaires choose to build (remember Trump’s Manhattan Tower). If you want to take a peak inside, here are some images of various parts of Antilla:

Image source: Comedy Flavors