Old WWI Cement Factory Transformed Into An Interior Design Paradise

Ricardo Bofill is the name of an architect that you most likely do not know but after you take a look at this project there is a pretty good possibility you will remember the name. He saw a cement factory that was dilapidated in the year 1973, bought it since he saw potential and after over 40 years of ongoing work, the result is a stunning masterpiece with so many options available.

The name of this gem is La Fabrica. The old WWI cement factory was practically transformed into a unique and spectacular home. You will find it close to Barcelona and we can only imagine how many repairs were necessary.


The project included partial deconstructions. Bofill was determined and together with a team he laced property exterior with vegetation while interiors were transformed into something that can only be described as a truly modern work and living area.

What is interesting is that the work on La Fabrica is still not over. The beautiful transformation we see here is nothing short of surreal. All the rooms have a unique purpose. You will not find two areas that look the same. Combine that with numerous outdoor and indoor relaxation spots and you will surely want to live there. Exteriors are now covered with grass, palm trees, olive trees and even eucalyptus trees.

So much more can be said about the property and the old cement factory is long gone. However, the best way to assess what we are faced with is to look at pictures.