Bold Wallpaper Options For Bathroom Design

Wallpaper can be an eye-catching focal point in any bathroom. Contrary to outdated decorating advice, bold wallpaper patterns may enlarge a small space by breaking up its scale and filling every available inch.

Soft floral and nature prints in soft pinks, sage greens or sky blues create an intimate and romantic aesthetic. Or opt for vibrant tropical patterns featuring palm leaves and exotic blooms for an engaging appearance.

Abstract Prints

Nature-inspired wallpapers bring a sense of refreshment into any bathroom space. When printed on white or light colors, nature prints make small bathrooms appear larger and open up the space more.

Darker hued patterned wallpaper can also add depth and vibrancy to a bathroom space, creating either an intimate atmosphere or adding sophistication that elevates a powder room or guest bathroom.

Never be intimidated by mixing patterns; just make sure that they jive with one another aesthetically. Designer Mark D. Sikes achieved stunning results when he combined floral, abstract and striped elements within his bathroom design scheme; each element worked beautifully together!

If you prefer more classic designs, consider installing beadboard paneling to create an elegant finish in the bathroom. This technique works particularly well in powder rooms or guest bathrooms because it’s easily cleaned.

Floral and Nature Prints

Nature provides an ideal backdrop to bring peace and serenity into any bathroom space, whether through leaf-print designs, lush botanical green wallpaper or toile patterns that feature lifelike fern and flower silhouettes that act like decorative paneling.

For an updated modern aesthetic, opt for stripe wallpaper featuring various sizes from small stripes to wide ones. No matter whether it is placed vertically or horizontally, its striking designs will draw the eye upward and instantly make your bathroom appear larger.

If you want your wallpaper to exude luxury, golden wallpaper with shimmering accents such as gold-plated hardware is an elegant solution that stands out against dark fixtures and floors to create dramatic contrasts. Floral designs provide a more delicate appeal that is easy to maintain and can help conceal imperfections on the wall surface.

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints make an eye-catching statement when used as bold graphic statements. Their fluid lines and motifs derived from nature, architecture, or geometry itself can add movement and energy. Color also plays an integral part; vibrant hues create a lively environment while neutral and monochromatic designs provide more subdued results.

Small spaces like powder rooms provide the ideal opportunity to experiment with more daring wallpaper designs. Here, Phyllip Jeffries’ textured chevron pattern pays homage to this historic bathroom while adding personality and vibrancy.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an entire room full of patterns, try accent walls or just one focal wall as an alternative approach. Just ensure you prepare the wall properly before applying wallpaper and add other elements that tie everything together such as statement lighting fixtures or chic vanities – don’t forget art!

Large-Scale Patterns

Recent design surveys reveal a strong preference for bold colors and patterns in bathrooms, whether on an accent wall or throughout a larger area. Wallpaper can add visual interest while providing an instant boost of color in any space.

To create the feeling of luxury in your bathroom, opt for wallpaper with deep colors that match those found in fixtures and sanitaryware. Pale hues also help make small rooms seem brighter and larger.

Opting for bold patterns that cover an expansive area may work in smaller bathrooms, but can become overbearingly busy in larger ones. When considering such patterns it may be wise to limit them to areas above the basin where it won’t come in direct contact with water.