Bathroom Design for Rental Properties

An attractive bathroom not only enhances your own living space, it can make the rental more desirable to prospective tenants. Here are a few upgrades that will add both value and style to this often-overlooked room.

Simple elements such as a shower curtain, decorative mirror frame, or woven wastebasket can bring designer style into any space. Even something as straightforward as replacing the toilet seat can have a dramatic impact on its aesthetics.

1. Create a spa-like environment

Bathrooms make an immediate impression on potential renters. A well-designed bathroom can help attract high-quality tenants and maximize rental income. While renovating can be expensive, a budget must be drawn up that maximizes returns on investment. Focusing on durability, neutral design, optimizing storage space optimization, upgrading fixtures/lighting upgrades as well as details and energy efficiency are ways you can make your property more appealing to tenants while staying within your budget.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to instantly upgrade a bathroom is with new toilet seats. Selecting an elegant model with clean lines and a timeless aesthetic can add a fresh new vibe that will instantly revive a tired room.

Switching out tapware can add style and value to any property quickly, easily, and without incurring invasive building work costs. Ideal for rental properties.

2. Make the space more functional

If your rental property’s bathroom fixtures have become outdated, upgrading can increase resale value, attract quality tenants and help make your property stand out in the market.

Paint upgrades are a popular upgrade, but before embarking on this endeavor it’s essential that you discuss with your landlord any rules surrounding repainting in a rental home. Many landlords allow renters to change the color of their bathrooms as long as they return it back to its original hue when leaving.

If your landlord doesn’t allow painting, consider installing wallpaper in neutral or light hues instead. That way, you can give the space an instant facelift without risking your deposit or having to repaint.

3. Add storage

Your rental bathroom appears in need of some upgrading. There are plenty of cost-effective ways you can update it without needing a contractor for work to be done on it.

Starting off your bathroom makeover, begin with shelving solutions. Floating shelves are an easy and customizable way to give any bathroom an elevated aesthetic and offer ample storage potential. To add chic organization, mount wire baskets onto walls so they can house cotton balls or bars of soap; heavier items should go at the bottom while lighter pieces remain on top.

If your bathroom has some extra space, adding a mirror cabinet may be just what’s needed to store and hide clutter. As demonstrated by this bathroom from Almost Makes Perfect, an open shelving arrangement allows stylish items to remain on display while more practical items are stowed away into storage cabinets.

4. Make it more appealing to renters

Create a stylish bathroom without breaking the bank! A few creative and budget-friendly decorating tricks can turn any rental space into something that feels like part of your home.

if the bathroom in your apartment complex has become worn down and outdated, now may be the time to refresh things with smaller changes that will make your bathroom feel like new again. While extensive changes such as regrouting or having the tub re-enameled may not be an option for everyone, just making some minor tweaks can make an immediate impactful difference to make it feel fresh again.

Installing marble contact paper onto the counters is an inexpensive yet elegant way to add some texture and color, plus easy removal without residue build-up – perfect for landlords! Additionally, adding wall art galleries will also draw the eye away from potential problem areas, like old tiled showers or lack of storage space.