Bunker Restaurant, Thailand by Lump

If you walk by 118/2 Soi Suksa (Sathorn 12), Bangkok, Thailand, nobody will blame you if you miss the Bunker Restaurant since it was designed in a really interesting way, with a focus on truly fitting in. This true hidden gem for foodies and architecture lovers was handled by Lump, with lead architect Kevin Lim.

The challenge was to create a venue that “would reflect the sensibility of a pop-up event within a derelict space, and an open kitchen, enabling the chef to engage directly with customers.” Besides this, there was a need to create a rooftop garden and guarantee privacy. All of these requirements were perfectly met.


The existing structure was modified but the choice was not a fresh and brand new design. The choice was a derelict and dated backdrop that would perfectly contrast the interior.

Inside the restaurants the architects chose to reference to the latter twentieth century concrete municipal banks and buildings of the country, which was a bold choice given the fact that the style is practically obsolete at the moment.

All fittings, finishes and materials were chosen based on obsolescence. Light fittings and mirrors were locally sourced, with dining chairs being a modification of what was originally used for Chandigarh civil servants. The Bunker’s façade was made out of pour in place concrete, together with extra pigments to make everything look older.

The cold kitchen desired is present on the ground floor, together with the main bar and the receiving station. Then, at the second level there is a dining space. It is connected with the first level by removing a part of the ceiling, connecting these zones and getting more lighting for level 1.

What was particularly interesting was the creation of the deteriorated and worn look inside the restaurants. In order to do this, cement finishes were removed from some columns, walls and beams. This left them look battered and chipped. Then, terrazzo filed flooring had the same treatment.

At the third level there is an outdoor area for 22 guests dining and an indoor dining room for 18 guests. There is also an outdoor bar that is specialized in microbrew beers and wines. At level 4 a smoking area and a private storage area are present. Staff area, a rooftop garden for fresh greens and herbs and offices are housed at level 5. A back-service staircase allows access to all areas from the staff.

The combination of modern and old makes Bunker really attractive, a restaurant and wine bar that you may want to consider.

Photographs: Kan Ongwat, Art4d Magazine, Lump Co, Ketsiree Wongwan.